I was at my wits end. I had a going nowhere job that kept me waking up in the middle of the night wondering what the next day would bring me and how to tackle it, I was in constant pain caused by the sports I play (with a little bit of the “Getting Old” syndrome) and every day I was like a bear coming out of hibernation. For the past few years, Judith has been treating me for these and other little things that were causing me grief in my everyday life. 

With the monthly visits in the beginning up to the quarterly visits more recently, Judith and her iridology, ionic footbaths and Nature’s Sunshine Products, I am now sleeping at nights, virtually pain free (some pains now caused by the idiot things I still do in sports thinking I am still 19) and the happy person I once was.

Judith helped me through all of these and made me realize that the job I had was not helping me at all and that maybe some of my symptoms were caused by my need for a change. I am the type of person that needs to be outside and not stuck behind a desk for 10 hours a day and wondering what tomorrow would bring. I now have a job that requires me to be on our jobsites 80% of my work day and looking after the paperwork the other 20%. It’s great! I don’t have to wonder what tomorrow will bring me because I get to see what the outside world is all about.

I had explained to Judith in our first meeting that I was not a pill popper and refused to take what the medical system suggest I take. With the help of Judith and Nature’s Sunshine Natural Health Supplements, Judith set me on a program that helped to rid of my sleep problems, my constant pain issues that I had self-inflicted on myself as well as my irritability towards family, friends and colleagues.

Judith has also helped my wife and daughters in the past with issues that they were having in their lives.

I highly recommend setting up a session with Judith to help you with any life issues that you are having. Thank you Judith for all that you have accomplished for me.