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Holistic Health is for everyone

There isn’t a person alive on the face of the earth who could not benefit from an enhanced eating program with healthier food choices, as well as a more wholesome lifestyle. These are the foundations of a holistic health lifestyle.

Your health concerns

What are your health concerns? Do you want to lose weight? Get rid of allergies? Strengthen your immune system? Solve a fertility problem? Be pain free? You can achieve better, more radiant health, naturally! All it takes is desire, the right tools, and a focused approach. You bring the desire, I’ll bring the tools, and together we’ll focus the attention on you. It doesn’t matter where in the world you live. I do appointments face-to-face, by Skype, and by phone.

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… to book your appointment! I take pride in providing personal, caring service to meet your needs and help you resolve your health and wellness challenges. I’m Judith Cobb, Master Herbalist, Certified Iridologist, Holistic Nutrition Coach, owner and sole practitioner at Cobblestone Health. I provide holistic solutions for health problems. I will choose from  a variety of complementary health skills, including herbology, nutrition, iridology, bio-kinesiology (muscle testing), flower essences, aromatherapy, EFT, Vital Vision Artery Scanning, and German New Medicine to craft a wellness program specifically to meet your needs.

In addition to helping people in their wellness journey, I love public speaking and teaching/mentoring new practitioners. Contact me at (403) 850-5503 or email me at judith@cobblestonehealth.com to explore how we can work together For Your Health, Naturally!

My special passion is infertility, especially PCOS. I’ve helped many couples achieve their goal of having a baby. Whether you’ve tried other therapies or not, whether you’ve gone to or are going to a fertility clinic or not I would love to work with you!

I’ve helped couples with previously unsolved fertility issues, including repeated miscarriages. I still love to work with couples to help them achieve healthy pregnancies. I love working with women who have a tragic history of miscarriage and am often able to help them have a successful pregnancy. You won’t need to give up any of your medical/fertility clinic treatments if you have started on that path. The holistic approach enhances what the medical world does and often we get faster, better results if you do the two methods at the same time. (Although I have worked with lots of couples who wanted to only go the natural route and we’ve had lovely success, too!)

I love what I do. My focus has always been women’s and children’s health. That interest goes back to my teen years when I wanted to be an obstetrician who attended home births. My other goal of having a large family won out over the idea of med school. When the opportunity to learn about herbs and nutrition in a clinical setting presented itself I had to jump at it! This was going to be a perfect fit (and it still is!)

I love working with young moms whose children have health issues. I have taught many moms what they needed to do to avoid having ear tubes put in their children’s ears – and have coached moms to help their children naturally with other everyday problems like teething, colds, eczema, and asthma. Holistic health is for everyone.

Judith Cobb

I’m Judith Cobb, a mom of 7 (that is not a typo) and a wife. I’m also a Master Herbalist, Certified Iridologist, Certified Comprehensive Iridology Instructor (IIPA) and Nutritional Consultant Practitioner (in Ontario I could put Registered in front of that), and I’ve been helping people with their health since 1981.

I started getting interested in natural health as a teen. I used to make whole wheat bread, by hand, for my family. They never knew how good they had it!

Way back in the late ’70s I had some health problems – including problems with ovarian cysts. They were messing up my hormones in ugly and inconvenient ways. Learning about improved nutrition and herbs cleared up the problem entirely without using prescription drugs of any kind.

I approach health from many angles, and should you decide to consult with me we will use at least a couple of these with you. Certainly, nutrition is the foundation. Even if you eat really well there are probably things we can tweak that will enhance your results. We will also use herbs, vitamins, and minerals. Now, before you run away screaming, thinking I’m going to send you out of here with twenty-umpteen bottles of supplements, you should know I don’t work like that. My rule is ‘use the least amount possible to get the best result possible.’ This is yet another holistic health approach.

My product of choice is Nature’s Sunshine Products. I’ve worked with this company since 1979 because they are simply the best. I also work with Designs for Health, and Les Herbes Pures since no one company produces everything I like to use.

You may need to make some lifestyle changes – do you need more sleep, better sleep, more exercise, different exercise? And, if needed, we may look at flower essence remedies, aromatherapy and emotional blocks, or use the ionic footbath to help you cleanse at a cellular level.

I really believe in using  well-rounded approach to create holistic health – food, lifestyle, supplements, emotional support, and body work.

If you don’t live in Calgary we can do your appointment by phone or skype – so call me!

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