Are you looking to get your health back on track, to enhance your fertility naturally, or perhaps you’re wanting some positive support for pregnancy?

If so, you’ve come to the right place!

Having me, with over 40 years of experience as an herbalist, nutrition coach, and iridologist, means you’ll have the most personalized care possible. Your holistic program will be created to help you meet your goals, and it will be ‘tweaked’ as your body, mind, and spirit warrant it.

As we work together, you’ll find we do a lot of talking back and forth. I don’t give lengthy questionnaires. I prefer, instead, to chat with you, to get to know you. 

We will likely take up-close photos of your eyes to do an iris and sclera analysis which, when combined with our conversation, can give some pretty deep insight into your health patterns.

We will always discuss your diet. I will make incremental suggestions for change and will always explain why the changes would be beneficial to you. We’ll also talk about the strategy of making the changes to help you come up with ideas for implementation that will work for you.

I know change can be hard, so we want to make changes in a way that is sustainable for the long term.

Most of my clients have some nutritional gaps or specific increased needs for certain nutrients. That is where the use of herbs, vitamins, and minerals comes in. I’ll make personalized recommendations based on historical use and modern research.

New clients often come to me, after having been to other well-qualified health professionals, with bags full of supplements that they don’t know how to use and no clear picture of what the plan was to help them achieve their goals. I don’t allow that to happen.

We want to get the most results with the least amount of supplementation possible.

Together, you and I will create your program in steps that are doable to make it easier to achieve your health goals.

I realize that I am only one member of your wellness team, and I may refer you to other professionals for support in other areas.

When you and I work together, you will be working with a trained professional who ‘has a heart’.


Your first appointment will be 75 minutes.


Follow-ups are usually 60 minutes, depending on your needs.

Supplements are not included in your appointment fee but are available from me directly.

If you’re ready to take that next step, or if you’d like more information about how I can help you, give me a call (403-850-5503) scroll to the header on this page and click <first appointment>. I look forward to working with you!