Womens’ Holistic Health

18 hours of training (9 x 2-hour live webinars) PLUS a 2-hour group mentoring webinar.

Women have unique health concerns because of their hormone shifts. In this course, we discuss everything from anatomy & physiology to infertility, pregnancy, menopause, and aging.

This course is open to anyone who has a keen interest in learning about or working with women’s health, naturally.

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5-day Intro to Iridology

Are you curious about iridology? And do you want to ‘test drive’ a course before you pay full tuition for a complete course? Then, check out this mini-course.

Your tuition includes:
*five lessons, 2.5 hours total
*a sampling of the actual course content from the Dynamic Iridology Assessment System for Health Professionals

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Dynamic Iridology Assessment System for Health Professionals

This 45+hour course taught to small student cohorts, live, via interactive webinar. It contains all of the IIPA Level 1 & 2 curricula that are required to prepare you for certification. We meet for 2 1/4 - 2 1/2 hours each week for 20 weeks. Every class session is recorded and stored for students to access on demand.

The weekly class format allows you time to study, practice, and review between lessons.
The live, interactive format ensures your questions get answered and allows for in-class mentoring.

Your tuition also includes:
* 225+page downloadable, up-to-date, textbook
*twice-monthly live group mentoring for students and grads
* private mentoring for certification preparation as warranted
*45 pages of cheat sheet, quick reference notes
*private MeWe group for community support

…And more

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Body Systems Iridology & Herbology

22+ hours of training (11x 2-hour live webinars) to help graduates of Dynamic Iridology Assessment System for Health Professionals integrate their iridology training with anatomy and physiology and basic herbal training.

Open only to graduates of Dynamic Iridology Assessment System for Health Professionals.

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