Hi Judith,

I just want to give you a big vote of thanks for the help you have given me, over the past twenty years, or so, with respect to a healthy lifestyle.

Probably one of the most important links to good health was having you do Iridology on me, as I feel strongly that that is a very important tool, from which we can work.  In my case 'lymphatics' showed up, and you advised me to use the rebounder, on a daily basis, which I have been doing.

As well, you suggested using an exercise ball, with which we can do many beneficial exercises, and that I use, as well.  I have been a Senior for a number of years now, and really appreciate the advice you have always given me, as I think it is vital to keep our Golden Years' free of chronic illnesses, as much as possible, with stress kept to a minimum, too.

Thanks again, Judith, and I certainly wouldn't hesitate in recommending you! 

Young at Heart Senior
Gordon C. Bjorkman