I am so grateful to find Judith at this menopausal stage of my life.

I have been in the healing arena for 25 years.

There is a lot of info out there concerning menopause, food, exercise etc. In the end we are all individuals and Judith treats us in this fashion.  She is no stranger to ‘hey let's try this’  or ‘how do feel about maybe trying this’?  The body tells the truth, and I love the way she uses her knowledge and iridology. 

The biggest beauty for me is she is supporting me in my healing and trying to help me figure out the mystery of my own body and how it works to its unlimited potential.

I love that she focuses on foods as the base of wellness - that works for me.   

She lives what she teaches and I so feel grateful for this quality that she so has.

Judith's information is top notch and she continues to educate herself and experience new ventures in her line of study.  Also she really listens, and hears you and cares.  I so am grateful to her and love her dearly. 

Sandra Roy C.S.T./RMT