Will They Survive?

Spring is almost here. Some of you who live on the west coast or in the southern states are already well into spring – but where I live spring is an unpredictable time. Being just on the east side of the Rockies often sets us up for an interesting season.

tulip poking up through snow
tulip poking up through snow

We typically have at least one three-week period of -40 sometime in January or February. My personal rule is ‘at -40 kids don’t have to go to school.’ The school board doesn’t necessarily endorse that perspective, but -40 is the point at which the Fahrenheit and Celsius scales meet, and both agree that it’s darn cold.March, on the other hand, is just unstable. It can be -20C cold one day and +5C springtime the next. We’ve already had that kind of vacillation, and some of my tulips were fooled into thinking spring had actually arrived. They poked their leaves up about 2 weeks ago during a prolonged warm stretch. Before I could cover them over with anything the temperature dipped to -20C again and they were covered with another 10 cm of snow. I doubt they’ll survive. Note to self – get a bale of straw, a brick of peat moss, or a load of woodchips to cover the flower bed with next fall.

On the plus side – the days are noticeably longer here. I became aware of it as I was cleaning up supper dishes last night. Looking out the kitchen window into the back yard at 7 PM, I saw that there was still a trace of sunlight!  Those of us who feel like we are half human/half plant (and desperately need sunshine) are reveling in the longer daylight. That additional 3 minutes of sunlight each day adds up quickly and is so much appreciated!

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