Nature’s Sunshine Products: what you need to know

I was introduced to Nature’s Sunshine Products in 1979. The company was only seven years old. I was a young adult interested in natural health. It wasn’t much later, in 1981, that I started working with the Nature’s Sunshine Product line coaching clients as to how to take control of their health using foods, supplements, and lifestyle.

Over the years NSP has been a constant on my clinic shelves and in my personal wellness program. I’ve tried many other product lines, but in every case either the quality started to falter or the company would not give me detailed information about the product. I dropped those product lines like a hot potato! NSP has stood the test of time. Nature’s Sunshine Products is the main product line I teach about and use. This recent article shows why I love Nature’s Sunshine.

If you’d like to access the specific products I talk about, purchase them at a discount, and get the results I talk about, here’s how:

If you are in Canada (instructions for the USA and international are at the end of this article)

  1. You can call me at 403-850-5503 and I will be happy to set up your user account, place your first order for you (must have a credit card you are comfortable using online; can be a pre-paid credit card), and it will be delivered to your home or mail box, as you choose.

Alternately, you can set up your own account and place your first and subsequent orders yourself in one of two ways:

  1. Call Nature’s Sunshine Products at 1-800-265-9163, speak with customer service, and give them my name (Judith Cobb/Cobblestone Health) or my account number (303710) when they ask, ‘Do you have a sponsor?’
  2. Go online. Following is a very detailed set of instructions and includes parts that are ‘self-explanatory.’ You will put product in your shopping cart first, then open your account just prior to checking out:

Go to or

  • Enter your first item in the search bar (upper right corner)
  • Scroll down the page to find the item
  • Add desired quantity to cart
  • Repeat steps 2 – 4 until you have added everything to the cart you want to order
  • Click on your shopping cart (upper right corner)
  • Click <check out>
  • In Member Registration, click <sign up>
  • In Sponsor Info, enter

a. Country of sponsor: Canada

b. Sponsor’s account number: 303710

  • Account information

a. Create your own New Four-Digit Pin

b. Confirm your Pin

c. Select your membership type: Preferred customer is for personal and family use; Business Associate is for people who are going to sell NSP

  • Personal Information

a. You do not need to enter your birth date or social security number if you did not select Business Associate as your membership type

  • Contact Information

a. By subscribing to the email newsletter you will receive 2 – 3 newsletters per week, mostly containing information about sales and educational events across the country

  • Mailing address – for postal mail
  • Shipping Address, if different, for order delivery
  • Remember to <agree>
  • Click <submit>

Beyond this, the system is self-prompting.


For USA or International: go to

Go to the Application Forms dropdown menu at the bottom of the page. Select your country. Print out, fill in, and mail in your application as instructed on the form. Where ‘Sponsor’s Country’ is asked for fill in Canada. Sponsor’s number is 303710.

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