Two Coats

The things I like best about autumn are there’s a routine to the day, kids who are in Autumn leavesschool have to get focused and get moving, there are not as many dirty dishes since the kids aren’t around to snack and not clean up after themselves, the house stays cleaner, and making muffins is a more inviting thing to do to warm up the kitchen (and earn me some ‘mom of the year’ votes from the kids).

Teen-age Son pointed out some tree leaves already starting to turn yellow a few weeks ago. I told him “I’m going colorblind this year so I can only see green leaves” and then I told him that W words, like Winter, are swear words when uttered in August and he should go and wash his mouth out with soap. He’s several inches taller than me. When I say things like “go wash your mouth out with soap” he gives me THAT look that says “You’ve got to be kidding. I can’t believe you just told me to do THAT.” Good thing I was just teasing him!

It’s official, though. Winter is on its way. Where I live the nights are cool enough that furnaces are firing up. We call this the “Two-Coat Season.” We need a warm coat when we leave the house in the morning, and by the time we return in the late afternoon the temperature has climbed enough that we can either do without a coat or only need a light sweater.

As I get older I like the cold, snow, and ice of winter less and less. I’m praying for a long “Indian Summer.”  I just really want it to stay warm for a few more months.

What do you like best about autumn?

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