Tulip or Recital Season?

Child playing pianoSpring is finally here. The tulips and daffodils are in various stages of blooming. This means a couple of things to this mom and grandma – my schedule will be full with dance recitals, music recitals, end of year concerts, and soccer tournaments. Some will be for my own children; most will be for grandchildren.

Even when we didn’t have grandchildren, scheduling all the year-end events was often challenging – what with children who wanted to be watched while in swimming lessons, other children in dance competitions and recitals, others in music lessons with the attendant recitals. Sometimes it necessitated Hubby and me splitting up so whichever two or more children were performing at different venues would have at least one set of adoring eyes on them. Occasionally, we had to call in our parents to help out. We usually let them choose which event they wanted to view.

This year, the scheduling conflicts have started again – only this year they are spread out over children and grandchildren, and in two cities that are two hours apart. We’ve had to go with a ‘first notified, first attended’ policy – which means we will miss the local music recital, but we’ll be attending the all-day soccer tournament. We’ll be calling on our other adult children to cover for the local recital.

I’d like to know – how have you handled end-of-year recital/tournament scheduling conflicts? It’s a conundrum that begs a resolution!

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