They’re at it AGAIN!

Disclaimer: This article is very strongly opinionated. It may even offend some readers. It is not intended to do that. Read at your own risk. I’m pretty steamed as I write this.

They’re at it again. ‘They’ are the Alberta government. It’s flu season here in Alberta.

Last year we had a “dismal” 25% of the population take the flu shot. When the government saw that people were not initially lining up like obedient little children to get a flu shot, they put out the word that there was a very limited amount of vaccine available. People got panicky, and even though they had to pay out of pocket, often stood in line for hours to get the vaccination. In my not-so-humble opinion, it was a media frenzy created by bureaucracy, designed to frighten people. Scarcity is the number one marketing tactic. Anyone who has anything to sell will tell you that. The less there is of something the more everyone wants one, even if it’s cr*p.

This year, the vaccine target is 47% of the population. What makes it worse is the propaganda that radio talk-show hosts and print media are spewing at us. “It’s cheaper to prevent disease than it is to get sick. I got my vaccine.” Well, let’s just give them a pat on the back for being obedient. Then again – I’m going to withhold the pat because they are pretty gullible to believe that health comes from a vaccine. The government has even resorted to the much-hated robocalls at supper time to convince us to get the shots.  That’s my tax dollars hard at work trying, like a politician during an election, to annoy me.

As if all of this is not enough – it’s my tax dollars paying for the vaccines and the personnel to ‘do the deed.’ I’m paying for a service I’m not using, and I’m also paying out of pocket to take care of my own health. I get to pay double because I take full responsibility for my health.  I know there are some people getting the shot who do try to take care of their health (they just don’t have a clue how to do it), but I really get annoyed when people who don’t even try to take care of their health (junk-food-aholics, smokers, non-exercisers, victims of their own laziness and ignorance) cost us tax dollars for disease care in addition to ‘poor medicine’ like vaccines. (That was a rant – my apologies.)

Now that I’ve probably enraged some of you (if you are even still reading) and offended others, I’m going to defend my case. I’ll share with you some very basic and often ignored wellness principles that will stand you in good stead if you should ever come up against a flu virus of any description, or even enterovirus, ebola, or any other microscopic creature whose main intent is to take you out of the game. Read today’s article here.

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