The Circle of Life

Everything around me is chaos. There are boxes and piles of all kinds of things all over the house as we move into the final 10 days before Daughter’s wedding. I don’t remember my wedding being so stressful. Perhaps it’s because it was so much simpler. Still, it’s exciting, and it will all be ready on time – somehow.

We’re playing a little Russian Roulette of sorts. Everything is planned for a garden wedding. Plan B, in case weather doesn’t co-operate, is at the church. Please pray for sun with a few clouds and not too hot.

It doesn’t seem all that long ago we brought our first daughter home after four boys. Her birth was easy, and I remember very clearly when she popped out and the doctor very gleefully announced “It’s a girl!” I replied with an incredulous “Are you sure?” He was, and hubby verified it.

The four boys at home glommed on to her. Her oldest brother, who is 12 years older, especially became her protector and her friend. He would fall asleep with her on his chest, afraid that if he put her in her crib she would wake up. Later, he would carry her for hours on his shoulders. He doted on her and she adored him in return. She could do no wrong. It was the kind of relationship all siblings should have.

And the circle of life continues, as it should.

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