Thanksgiving in October

Here’s a little social studies lesson for those of you who don’t live in Canada. We have some holidays you probably don’t have, and we celebrate some of the same holidays you do but on different dates.

thanksgiving dinnerOur Thanksgiving is the second Monday in October. Why, you ask? Well, because that’s when our harvest is over. If we waited ‘til November we’d have to defrost the pumpkin to make pie! The day after Thanksgiving is not our biggest pre-Christmas shopping day of the year. That, typically, is December 24. Every Canadian who has any sense at all avoids the malls on December 24 and on the last weekend before Christmas.

As I get ready to spearhead our family potluck Turkey Feast this Thanksgiving, I’m counting my blessings. Good health, a loving husband, kids who are turning out alright, a warm home, enough money to pay the bills, and a reliable car – just to name a few. We may not have the newest, the latest, the hottest, or the best of material things, but we have enough for our own needs with some left to share – and that is abundance that many will never know.

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