They’re at it AGAIN!

Disclaimer: This article is very strongly opinionated. It may even offend some readers. It is not intended to do that. Read at your own risk. I’m pretty steamed as I write this.

They’re at it again. ‘They’ are the Alberta government. It’s flu season here in Alberta.

Last year we had a “dismal” 25% of the population take the flu shot. When the government saw that people were not initially lining up like obedient little children to get a flu shot, they put out the word that there was a very limited amount of vaccine available. People got panicky, and even though they had to pay out of pocket, often stood in line for hours to get the vaccination. In my not-so-humble opinion, it was a media frenzy created by bureaucracy, designed to frighten people. Scarcity is the number one marketing tactic. Anyone who has anything to sell will tell you that. The less there is of something the more everyone wants one, even if it’s cr*p.


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