Are you the leave town kind?

Okay, I admit it. I love coming to the cabin to work. I know some people, when they hear ‘work at the cabin’ will get a sly, knowing smile and say “yeah, sure you go there to work.” In reality, I do. I see clients – some of them are from Calgary but they have vacation property here, so they schedule their appointments for their ‘downtime’ – and the rest are local people. I write these newsletters, plan classes and workshops, and teach workshops here, too.

mature woman hikingBut I’ll admit, the secret of why I love it here so much is that I can work like a maniac, then take a long walk, AND my favorite massage therapist is here in the valley. Even though I’m working hard and getting a lot done, I take time to take care of myself. Oprah Winfrey called it “intense self-care,” and it’s a theme I try to share with and instill in my clients.

Life is stressful. The more technology we have easy access to – the more connected we are – it seems the more stressed we become. I am totally reluctant to do a ‘disconnected’ day, especially since we no longer have a landline to our home. I am totally in favor of doing ‘disconnected’ periods throughout the day – like when I’m working out or when I’m spending time with family members.

I’m curious to know what you do for self-care and stress reduction. Are you the ‘leave town’ kind or the ‘go for a walk’ kind or do you simply ‘unplug’ from the technology? Maybe you do something else? I’d love to hear your ideas. You just might have one I might want to borrow!

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