Scarier than Hallowe’en

Hallowe’en. I outgrew Hallowe’en quite young. By the time I was 12, I was happy to be the one at home handing out the candy.

Prostate GlandHallowe’en, with all its scary costumes and silly pranks, is not nearly as scary for men as the dreaded prostate exam. We could crack jokes about prostate exams – after all, we women endure the prodding fingers of a doctor’s gloved digits from puberty until death. Men have nothing to gripe about by comparison, since they don’t start getting the ‘digital’ treatment until the age of 40. Puh-lease!

I could tell you a humourous story about Hubby’s first prostate exam – but that wouldn’t be good for my marriage. Suffice it to say I knew more about the process than he did.

I bring this up, not because I believe that doctors hold the monopoly on wellness, but rather that men often ‘tough it out’ when something is not quite right with their health. I’m not sure if they really think ‘it’ will go away or if they are afraid to find out what might be wrong.

As women who have men in our lives, be they parent, spouse, son, or friend, we need to be as educated about them as we are about ourselves. We are often the driving force that can inspire (or force) them to seek advice from a wellness professional when we notice something that is persistently not quite right.

When I see something that is amiss in Hubby’s health, I do what I can to educate him, then I do what I can to help him, and I usually send him to our family doctor for medical tests. Said doctor is getting used to us and the fact that we don’t do meds. We gather information and then ‘treat’ things naturally.

The nature of men is not going to change. They can be brave for us, but often not for themselves. As women in their lives we need to encourage and support them in doing whatever ‘scary’ things they need to for their health.

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