Road Trip – Food For Thought

Writing for my newsletters and designing new classes take a lot of time. Just before summer I was finding it difficult to focus and ‘get ‘er done.’ You may know how it is – being a parent, a spouse, a friend. There are so many pulls in so many directions that I just couldn’t put it together to find 4 – 5 hours in a week to get the writing and the organizing done – so – I decided to go to the cabin for a 3-day writing retreat. It worked like a charm! I now do a writing retreat at the cabin every month. I get a month’s worth of writing done without interruption and have time to work on new classes and seminars.

The trip to get to the cabin is a beautiful drive. It takes about 30 minutes to get out of the city – and then I’m into prairies that turn into rolling foothills that turn into the beautiful Canadian Rockies, and just a few hours later I’m there! Our cabin is nestled at the bottom of a mountain valley with tall, rugged, tree-covered peaks to the east and the west. There’s just one problem with getting there. I’m a baby at heart. Being in a car for more than an hour makes me sleepy.

Road Trip Junk FoodI learned, long ago, when I would drive from Calgary to Logan, Utah, for university, a drive then of about 14 hours (the highways were not as direct a lifetime ago), that one sure way to stay awake was to eat. The seat beside me would be laden with chips, pop, cookies, grapes, crackers, juice – all things that were not messy and could be eaten easily with one hand. You’ll note, the bulk of that list is junk food.

Road Trip Health FoodRemember, that was in my distant past. Now I am much more learned and much wiser, too. I still eat lots if I have to do a long drive on my own, but now I default to a veggie tray, maybe a fruit tray, some almonds, and lots of water. On the point of water – there are not a lot of rest stops between our house and the cabin. Drinking water, and suffering a full bladder, is a startlingly good way to keep oneself alert. So, between crunchy vegetables, a full bladder, and an ipod loaded with sing-able oldies, getting to the cabin is enjoyable and safe!

Now, it’s your turn. What do you do to make road trips great?

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