Repeat Student Loves Judith’s Webinars!


Well you won’t believe it but I started poulticing my knee yesterday with mullein, lobelia, and everything I could find!

I took a spill in the driveway (can’t even blame the ice!) and banged my knee really hard!

Nothing broken, but quite swollen. It’s getting more bendable everyday (happened Sat) and the herbs/lobelia/helichyrsm, anti-inflammatories are really working! I’m also using my small color slides I pulled out of the drawer a few days ago. I’m popping the Proactazyme whenever I think of them, plus the Nature’s Fresh enzyme spray is amazing!

Learning these things in your class has been a lifesaver, and I have no doubt I’m SO MUCH BETTER off for all the things I’ve been doing!

I am SO thankful to have this knowledge. Not a day goes by, but I find myself recommending something I learned from your classes.

Just wanted you to know how quickly I put to use the latest class (Healing Soft Tissue & Broken Bones)

Sending a TON of thanks and appreciation!


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