I’m Done With Political Correctness!

political correctnessYes, indeed, I am totally done with political correctness. I’ve decided to throw it out the window at the risk of discovering that ‘haters’ will hate me for it. Here’s why. Political correctness has replaced moral decency and humaneness, in my never-to-be-humble opinion. Political correctness has ‘stuffed a sock’ in my right to speak my mind respectfully. Political correctness is, in essence, a gag order.

Several years ago I was meeting with my accountant. It was December and we were preparing my records for my business year end. On my way out I wished him a Merry Christmas – and I remembered he’s a Jehovah’s Witness and they don’t acknowledge Christmas. I quickly apologized. The gracious man that he is came to my rescue. “No need for apologies,” he said. “I know the spirit in which it was offered. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your family.” Not only is he an excellent accountant, but he’s an excellent teacher of life!

political correctnessThe ‘politically correct’ “Season’s Greetings” just doesn’t cut it. I’m not celebrating winter. I mostly don’t like winter – why would I celebrate it? I celebrate Christmas.

We’ve set up our Christmas tree. I collect Nativities and by the end of today there will be some 40+ Nativities spread throughout my home. I keep asking Hubby to make me a large one out of plywood to put on our front lawn – so far, no luck 🙁  If I can find Christmas cards that actually have the Nativity or wise men or the Star of Bethlehem on them I’ll be sending out cards, too. The fact that I am Christian and love celebrating Christ’s birth in no way needs to offend anyone. In fact, I love it when people who celebrate other traditions, like Hanukkah or Kwanzaa, offer me their holiday wishes. It tells me they respect, maybe even love, me political correctnessenough to send wonderful, positive, love-filled sentiments my way. As humans, this is as it should be. Each of us cutting slack for others, considering their motivation, and accepting their offerings of gentleness and love in the spirit with which they were given.

So, when I say Merry Christmas to you as you leave my office, or at the end of a phone conversation, or at the end of an email, or in my newsletter, what I am saying to you is I wish you love, health, and happiness. If you happen to be Christian, add God’s love to the list. If you are not Christian, please accept all else that is positive and wonderful and meaningful to you in my expression of Christmas love.

Indeed, I do wish you all a Merry Christmas that IS filled with human love, health, happiness, and God’s love.

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