My Peaceful Place

I like to go to our cabin to write my newsletters. It’s not really a cabin – it’s a double-wide mobile home that’s been built on to a foundation. It’s in a somewhat rural resort town in a high mountain valley. It’s beautiful and peaceful, even more so when I go out alone to do a 3-day writing marathon.

peaceful place
Columbia River

January in the Canadian Rockies is cold and snowy. Here in the mountain valley, when the clouds sit low on the mountains they create a ceiling that blocks the sun. It always seems colder when the sun can’t break through the clouds.

Our house here is little – 800 square feet. It’s old. I don’t think there’s any insulation in the floor. I have to wear crocs or some other thick-soled sandals to keep my feet warm.

The house is set up to be heated by propane. We have a massive, ugly tank in the front yard. We tried using the propane for heat for one month years ago. When we got the bill, over $600, we decided propane was a little rich for us. Now we use five or six area heaters placed strategically around the house. Electricity is much less expensive and we can choose which rooms to heat.

When I’m here alone I don’t heat the second bedroom nor either of the bathrooms. That makes things a little interesting. The ensuite especially gets cold – colder than I like bathrooms to be. It makes it a little like using an outhouse in the middle of winter except that I don’t have to put on my coat and boots to trudge through the snow in the yard to get to it. Still, when I open the door to go in, the air hits me like an avalanche. The floor feels frosty. The toilet seat is downright bracing.

It’s a small price to pay to be in such a beautiful place, in solitude, getting the job done.

Where is your favorite place for solitude?

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