PCOS is just ONE Cause of Infertility

Getting pregnant is easy, right? After all, all it takes is a woman and a man, a little intimacy, and voila a baby is on the way.

Easy conception is not the reality for about 15% of couples – and if you are one of those couples trying to get pregnant can consume your every waking thought.

Truthfully – there are a lot of reasons couples might be struggling with infertility. Sometimes there is a physical problem, but more often than not it’s actually one or more hormonal imbalances for the woman and/or the man. Sometimes the medical world can’t come up with an explanation – and that’s even more frustrating, isn’t it?

Perhaps you’ve been given a diagnosis of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, also known as PCOS. If so, you’ve likely done online research, endured lab tests, joined TTC (Trying To Conceive) groups online, tried various vitamins and prescription medications, and cried a river of tears in the attempt to get pregnant – but nothing has helped so far.

Low Sperm Count Counts!

Or if you are a male, you might have low sperm count, sperm that don’t swim well, or sperm that are not properly formed, and you’ve done a ton of online research and tried various over-the-counter remedies – but still, no baby!

Fertility Clinics Offer Hope with IVF and IUI

Doctors offer some great tools and interventions like Intrauterine Insemination (IUI = 13% success rate, In Vitro Fertilization (IVF success rate declines with maternal age to 2% for women over 42 years), and sperm washing.

We are overjoyed when the medical route works. Sadly, they don’t always work, and some key wellness pieces are usually missing in the medical approach. We can often enhance the results by adding some critical nutrition and supplements pieces to the program – and that’s where Judith Cobb comes in.

Enhancing Outcomes

Judith supports Trying To Conceive clients regardless of whether they want to work entirely holistically or as a blended program with a fertility clinic. Her only goal is to offer whatever support, education, and holistic supplements are needed to achieve a healthy pregnancy.

Many couples come to Judith after a few Fertility Clinic failures. Then, with or without the Fertility Clinic but with the individually selected dietary and supplement changes, they get pregnant.

Judith has been a holistic health coach since 1981. She is a Master Herbalist, Natural Nutrition Clinical Practitioner, Certified Iridologist, mom of seven, and understands how nutrition, herbs, vitamins, and minerals affect fertility for both the woman and the man.  She understands the stresses and joys of trying to get pregnant, losing pregnancies, and delivering successfully.

Work With Me

If you are looking for caring, compassionate, holistic support to enhance your chance of conceiving and having a successful pregnancy, give Judith a call (403-850-5503) or send her an email (judith@cobblestonehealth.com)

Please note – Judith is not licensed medical practitioner. Judith cannot diagnose, prescribe, or order medical tests. She is a Master Herbalist, Natural Nutrition Clinical Practitioner, and Certified Iridologist. She can assess, recommend, educate, answer questions, offer competent and caring support and will gladly work with whatever other specialists you choose to be on your Project Pregnancy Team.

About Judith Cobb

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