Migraines Gone!

For years I have been a sufferer of migraines. Actually I remember getting them since the age of 6. As I have gotten older my migraines have worsened. I got them more frequent and with so much pain that they would make me vomit. My husband would have to drive me to the hospital so I could be given a shot that would finally take me out of my misery.

As a young mother it was hard. I felt like a bad mother because so many days I would just lay in my dark bedroom moaning and groaning. I could here my children making their own breakfast and getting themselves ready for the day. (My oldest was 4 years old) I remember her telling her little sister to “be quiet because mommy had a headache” this broke my heart. As the years went on the headaches worsened. I went to specialists, I had brain scans, I had tests done, and no doctor was able to help me. I was given more drugs and told that I just needed to learn to live with it. That was the problem I was not living I was just existing. I became depressed. I wanted to die. I wanted the pain to stop. The only things that kept me going were my 4 beautiful daughters. They needed me. I didn’t want them to grow up with out their mother.

So year after year I suffered. I lived on prescription drugs and over the counter medication. I don’t remember half of the drugs I have been on there has been to many to count.

I have worked, I have volunteered, I have been involved in my community and church trying to live a normal life and all the while I suffered.

I dreaded mornings because I knew I would wake up with a migraine. Usually I would wake up take my medicine and go back to bed until I felt well enough to get up. A lot of my medication was loaded with caffeine, which would make my heart race and make it difficult to sleep. I spent many a night awake…cleaning my house. Then in the morning it would start all over again. I knew that the caffeine was bad for me but I also wanted to be able to function and those pills made me able to cope with the pain. I started to think of it as “the lesser of the two evils”.

I stopped making plans, as I usually had to cancel. I attended my two oldest daughters weddings medicated. I have spent pretty much every holiday including Christmas medicated or in bed for part of it. Our vacations… I was drugged to be able to function. Drugs have been my life for over 25 years. The sad part is no doctors seemed to care or go the extra mile to help me they just kept writing out prescriptions.

In a month I would suffer 28 days out of 30/31 and that is not an exaggeration. And then I met Judith Cobb. I was volunteering at our church’s Family History Library. Judith was sitting beside me at a computer I was rubbing my neck and head and made a comment to Judith that I had a migraine. She then asked me a few questions about my migraines and then told me that she could help me. She gave me her phone number and told me to call her. I was desperate and thought I might as well give it a shot as nothing else was working for me.

A few days later I called her and set up an appointment. When we met on December 31, 2011, I basically told her everything that I just wrote and answered a few more personal health questions. Yes, I suffer with stomachaches and constipation, yes, I am always suffering with sinus congestion and I am mucousy especially in the morning. She then proceeded to tell me that she could help me but it would probably take a few years because I have been sick for so many years. Would I be willing to try? She told me my body was full of toxins and I would need to cleanse. She also suggested I would see faster results if I quit “cold turkey” all of my medications, and that it was up to me to decide if I was willing to do this. At this point I started to panic. How could I live without my medication! She told me to stop any plans for the next few weeks if I was going to quit the drugs, as this would be hard on my body and me. I agreed. She then told me what she would recommend as the crucial starting points. Drink plenty of water with a pinch of sea salt at least 2 litres a day, eat lots of green vegetables, 3 servings a day, and she started me on some Nature’s Sunshine supplements. Oh yes, and very important rain or shine headache or no headache I needed to get outside and walk for 45 minutes every day. I agreed to this and she sent me home. Telling me to keep in touch thru emails.

It was hard for the first couple of weeks not to take my medication especially when I had a migraine. I needed to suffer thru them. But before I knew it good things started to happen. January I had 9 migraines. February- 7 migraines, March- 5 migraines, April 1 migraine and 3 headaches, May- 4 migraines and a couple of headaches. I have been taking Vitamin B5 under the tongue for most of my headaches and that seems to do the trick. Sometimes I don’t even take anything and just drink plenty of water. I wake up most morning feeling clear headed…that is a miracle in itself. I feel like I have been given my life back and I am looking forward to the future.

Each month when I meet with Judith she gives me something new to do to improve my eating habits and make lifestyle changes. All these small changes have made big difference to my health. I avoid sugar and white flour and have been experimenting with foods and vegetables that I would never have tried before. Even my daughters send me new recipes that they think I will like. They call me almost every day to see how I am doing my success is felt by them to. It’s funny because for years they would only call me in the afternoon so as not to wake me, now they call me first thing in the morning because they know I will be up and awake. I have suffered for 40 years and it is amazing to me to know that most of my problems have come because of poor eating habits.

I am so grateful that I commented to Judith that I had a migraine that day in the library and that she was willing to take me on as her client and friend and share with me her knowledge of good health habits. Thank you Judith, I will be forever grateful to you!


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