Hot Flashes: 9 proven tips to help you get cool naturally

You may be able to end your hot flashes in a matter of days.

by Judith G. Cobb, MH, CI, NCP

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If you find yourself flushing with heat; going beet red; and glowing (or dripping) with perspiration day and/or night – I have secrets for you.

hot flashesIf you find your sleep disturbed by heat waves; if your forearm is the strongest muscle in your body from flipping the blankets off, then on, then off again all night; if you have to change your clothes (or worse yet, your sheets) in the night because you drenched them with sweat – I have secrets for you!

If you haven’t slept a night through in forever because you wake frequently feeling like you are on fire from inside – I have secrets for you, too!

You can end your hot flashes in a matter of days. You read that right. I did say days. Women over the age of 45, and maybe that’s you, don’t need to suffer with hot flashes. Women over 55 or 65 don’t need to suffer either!

Secrets to help end hot flashes

Hot flashes are a symptom announcing one or more imbalances in the body. Here are my top nine secrets to end hot flashes. These work best when done together.

1) Quit drinking coffee and caffeinated beverages. Ouch! I never said this would be easy, but it will be totally worth it. For the vast majority of women who suffer with hot flashes, adrenal insufficiency is the weak link. If the adrenals are not happy, hot flashes will result. Caffeine (sometimes as little as what’s in chocolate – double ouch!) is hard on the adrenals. It forces them to rev, and voila! we have a hot flash in the making.

2) Eat only organically-raised meats – commercial meats (not including chicken in Canada and USA) are fed hormones to mature them faster for market. Hormones end up deposited in meat we eat – and they can impact us just like swallowing hormones in a pill form, only they are milder and they accumulate more insidiously.

3) Exercise daily. If you weren’t active before, now’s the time to begin. Research indicates that 55% of pre- and post-menopausal women who were having hot flashes saw a significant increase in natural estrogen and a significant decrease in hot flashes because of engaging in regular aerobic activity.1 Try 30 minutes daily as a starting point – brisk walking counts!

4) Eat at least 4 generous servings of leafy green vegetables every day. Leafy greens, including the likes of kale, collards, spinach, romaine lettuce, chard, and parsley are particularly good for the liver. The liver makes your cholesterol out of carbohydrates (not all carbs are bad!) Cholesterol is the foundation that hormones are built on. After the hormones have done their work, it’s the liver’s job to break down the hormones and put the bits and pieces back into the bloodstream for the kidneys to dispose of. If the liver is busy dealing with coffee or other non-nutritious things you’ve consumed, it may not have the time or resources available to deal with hormone residues.

5) Vitamin E. Good old d-mixed tocopherols have been known to stop hot flashes all on their own. Sometimes as little as 400 IU per day does the job. More commonly, 1200 IU per day is the amount that is needed. The medical world tends to get a little testy with this amount of Vitamin E – so do your research to make sure this is a safe option for you, especially if you are taking prescription medications.

6) How do you spell hot flash relief? Formula C-X! Yes, some of my clients call this ‘magic.’ Seriously, sometimes this is all that is needed – and I’ve seen it over and over and over again – sometimes it subdues those pesky hot flashes in a matter of days!

7) Some women need a little extra kick to get rid of hot flashes. ART-A with Devil’s Claw (CA) or Joint Support (US) is that kick. You may be thinking “but that’s an arthritis formula.” Yes, yes, it is. It is also an amazing adrenal support formula. If the adrenals are tired or stressed, just like I mentioned in point 1) above, hot flashes will be on the agenda for the day. A lot of my clients have found that adding ART-A/Joint Support to the C-X is the perfect combination for staying comfortable day and night.

8) Support the liver. Choose from LIV-GD (CA)/Milk Thistle Combination (US), LIV-C (CA)/Chinese Liver Balance (US), or BP-C (CA)/Blood Stimulator Chinese (US). The liver creates healthy cholesterol from food you eat. The cholesterol is sent to the endocrine tissues to make specific hormones. Once the hormones have done their jobs, they go through the liver for denaturing and elimination. If the liver is cranky, several wrenches get thrown into the works, and hormones end up messed up.

9) Get enough rest. The adrenal glands need sleep to recharge properly. This is also helpful for weight loss, since cortisol levels fall during sleep – and elevated cortisol leads to insulin resistance, which encourages fat development.

You really don’t need to suffer with hot flashes any more, and if you want to get rid of them naturally, nature has what you need!

I want to hear from you! Have you endured hot flashes? If so, what have you tried to get rid of them? How well did it work?

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