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Menopause symptoms: You can get rid of hot flashes and sweats naturally

Menopause Symptoms. Embarrassing, inconvenient, and uncomfortable. The list of menopause symptoms includes hot flashes, sweats,menopause vaginal dryness/painful intercourse, insomnia, weight gain, moods, memory problems, depression, and the list goes on and on … right? You might even have symptoms that make you wonder if they are really a part of menopause or if you are just going crazy. I have natural, holistic, and safe solutions and answers for you! There are herbs for menopause and natural remedies that work. Let me put your mind at ease. Let me help you improve your overall well-being and guide you into a marvelous menopause experience.

menopauseI’m a 50-something, post-menopausal mom of 7, with 7 grandchildren. I know something about what you are feeling and going through. I’ve been through menopause myself.

For the past 35 years I’ve been coaching and empowering women in all ages and stages of life, including menopause, to better health, using everything I know as a Master Herbalist, Nutritional Consultant Practitioner (holistic nutrition), and Certified Iridologist. Other tools in my kit include bio-kinesiology (muscle testing), flower essences, aromatherapy, EFT, and German New Medicine. I will use whichever tool(s) you need to craft a wellness program specifically for you. I take pride in providing personal, caring service to meet your needs and help you resolve your health and wellness challenges.

Call me to book your private wellness consultation – to be held face-to-face for local clients, or by Skype or phone for long-distance clients. Seriously! I can teach you how to get rid of those pesky menopause symptoms, like hot flashes, sweats, and vaginal dryness, quickly and safely! I am Judith Cobb and I am Your Menopause Coach!

In addition to helping menopausal women in their wellness journey, I love public speaking and teaching/mentoring new practitioners. Contact me at (403) 850-5503 or email me at to explore how we can work together. For Your Health, Naturally!

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