It’s NOT Pretty!

It’s been a most interesting few months at Cobblestone Health. We’ve proven I am a much better herbalist than webmaster, and we’ve proven that tenacity wins.

We, being my assistant in the States and myself, have been dismantling and migrating it to a new host and a new platform. I have learned much more about the invisible part of a website than I ever wanted to know. I’m certainly not a master of it yet, but it’s coming.

There have been long, frustrating days waiting for tech support to get back to me on one small point so I could continue. There have been more long, frustrating days researching, learning, implementing … only to find out I’d done it all wrong. And there were glorious days when tech support came through quickly, guiding me step by step to get much accomplished. In spite of it all, the natural gray that has been working its way into my hair has not gotten any more prolific. is still in transition. It’s not pretty. It’s not what I want it to be … yet. There are many, many hours of work left to put in – but – the site that’s up is functional. If you notice that an article that you had bookmarked or wanted to come back to is not on the site, don’t worry, it’s not really gone, it has just been packed away temporarily. Over the next several months we will be developing a palette of several interconnected websites – each with its own specific topic, and each loaded with mountains of valuable natural health information. We’ll have a site specifically dedicated to education and supporting practitioners, too.

As new sites are ready you can be sure they will be launched with much fanfare!

While this has been difficult, it has also been rewarding – and I’d like to know – what have been your most challenging and rewarding experiences with the internet?

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