Iridology Webinar Testimonials

Iridology Webinar Testimonials

Thank you Judith for your wonderfully informative webinar.  As always you lay things out in a practical and easy to understand manner.   As a practitioner I have found your publications to be very useful and a quick reference.  Thank you for taking the time to share your first hand knowledge and your life experiences with us.  I look forward to more.

Christine M. Blair  BS EDU, CNHP, MH, NHC


Cathy A, a certified Naturopath from New York, said this after taking my iridology classes:

“I just found 2 colored copies of Dr. Jensen’s Fundamental Iris Signs Reference Charts so I can practice on them, too.  When I found them, I realized I never really ‘got it’ with all the classes I took and look at these pictures with ‘new eyes’ now, thanks to you.”


Christine L from Ontario:

“Just a quick not to say that I am really enjoying this course!!!” I am learning a lot!!!! It is really interesting to learn a different approach to something I have been doing for 25 years.”


Rebecca P:

“WOW! That Iridology webinar was amazing. I’ve heard the expression ‘eyes are the window to the soul’ but never realized how true that is. I’m definitely going to take that course.”

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