Iridology Certification

Confident Nutritionist: Dynamic Iridology (certification course)

for Holistic Practitioners, Herbalists, and Nutritionists

Holistic practitioners, including herbalists, and nutritionists know a lot. If you are one of these professionals you already know the government limits what you can say and do with a client. You may find yourself feeling a little hampered because you are not allowed to do things that look like diagnosing, or you find yourself holding information back from your client to avoid prescribing. Learning and using Dynamic Iridology may be just what you are looking for to practice your trade safely!

Your Clients’ Health Needs: How to Safely Assess and Educate

Lymphatic Iris
Left Iris, Lymphatic, Connective Tissue Type, Central Heterochromia, Lymphatic Tophi

You might also find that you feel lost with knowing where to start when you are working with a new client. Maybe you struggle with how to construct manageable programs for your clients to follow. Iridology, when done properly, opens up lines of questioning, conversation, and points of education for you to confidently assess and educate, thus neatly avoiding the issue of diagnosing and prescribing’.

Course start date: January 8, 2019
Course end date: June 2019
Time: 6:00 – 8:00 PM mountain time (Calgary, Canada)
This course is delivered by live webinar.
Tuition: $1995 CDN includes bonus material to prepare for IIPA certification exam I and II 

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Save Time and Increase Your Income

Iridology will help you to assess your clients more quickly and accurately, while helping you to develop strong rapport with your clients more quickly. A well-executed iridology assessment can replace your intake form. (Most clients hate intake forms, you know!)

There aren’t many assessment tools out there that really are safe for you to use. Most of

Hematogenic Iris
Hematognic Iris, Polyglandular, Mild Anxiety Tetanic, Circulation Ring

them increase your risk of ‘diagnosing and prescribing’. One that is safe, especially when you know how to use it properly, is dynamic iridology.

I know, because I struggled with these very same problems until I learned iridology. When I completed my Iridology Certification I could see I had found an excellent solution to both problems (and a few more) at the same time. Over years I have refined and polished it, adding new information based on solid research, and integrating it with nutrition and herbology. The result is Dynamic Iridology.

Confident Nutritionist: Dynamic Iridology

This course will be taught by live webinar and all sessions will be recorded and stored on a password protected site for playback on demand for 18 months from the course start date.

Biliary Iris
Biliary Iris, Anxiety Tetanic, Lipemic Diathesis, Central Heterochromia

With 40 hours of educational content (via webinar) and all support material available as digital downloads, nothing could be more convenient! You can complete all of your course work at home – no travel expenses, no days off work – and adequate time between lessons to fully integrate what you’ve learned.

This course offers all the iridology training with abundant support and mentoring to ensure your success as an iridologist in a nutritional,herbal, or holistic wellness practice!  This course also has all the curriculum content you need should you decide to become a certified iridologist with the International Iridology Practitioners’ Association. Join us for our next course!

Course start date: January 8, 2019
Course end date: June 2019
Time: 6:00 – 8:00 PM mountain daylight time (Calgary, Canada)
This course is delivered by live webinar.

Tuition: $1995 CDN

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All schedules, links, materials, and recordings will be available on demand on a password protected student site for unlimited student access. You will have access to the site for a 18 months. In the event you need to miss class, no worries, just log in to the student site and study the material at your convenience. You’ll also have unlimited access to the student and alumni facebook group and the monthly Office Hours tutorials for the very long term.

While you’re waiting for the course to start, why not join us for a webinar?
Constitutional Iridology: Cardio Markers and Case Study
Date:11 Dec 2018
Time: 6:00-7:30PM mountain time

Nutritionists, Herbalists, & Naturopaths: Have you ever wished you could tell if a client/patient had a higher genetic risk of cardiovascular/circulatory issues? How powerful would it be if you could educate your clients about their risks and how to minimize them before symptoms ever showed up? In this webinar I’ll teach you some key iris indicators that will allow you to do just that!

Iridology teaches us what questions to ask. When you see particular markers that suggest cardiovascular/circulatory risk you can ask questions that are specific to your clients’ needs – and then you can make recommendations that are also specific to your clients’ needs.

Make better use of your consultation time by only asking questions that are truly relevant to your client. You’ll also save time designing client programs right in your sessions because you’ll know exactly what to focus.

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