Iridology Certification Course Testimonials

Having recently completed The Confident Nutritionist: Dynamic Iridology program with Judith Cobb I can honestly say this is one of the most rewarding, informational and fun classes I have ever had. Judith is a born teacher meaning she is extremely patient and kind, she keeps things light with a bit of humor but above all she is a master at her craft and generously shares her knowledge. Judith is committed to the success of her students. I feel very blessed and fortunate to have had such an amazing teacher and to have been part of her class. I have already implemented several techniques and applied extremely crucial and beneficial knowledge and skills that I learned in this class to my own practice with great success.Thanks to Judith I am definitely a much more confident nutritionist!

Karyn A. Choate
C.N.H.P., Natural Digestive Health Specialist
owner of Natural Digestive Health Center, New York
I am Michelle, a graduate of The Institute of Holistic Nutrition in 2005 as a Certified Nutritional Practitioner, and I am registered with The International Organization of Nutritional Consultants as a Registered Nutritional Consulting Practitioner, and I have a variety of other nutrition based certificates with Herbal Medicine, Endocrinology, Detoxification the Right Way, and Mental Health. I have studied Iridology with David J Pesek Ph.D. in 2006 Level 1, 2, 3 Certificates, and Iridology in Professional Practice with Darko J.Prce RNCP in 2012.

The Confident Nutritionist: Dynamic Iridology is the most amazing Iridology course I’ve ever taken. Judith’s course is top on my list. Judith is very enthusiastic and excited as we are in the course, she has many good examples and stories to share that makes the course that much more real in today’s world.

Judith’s Iridology course is very informative, descriptive, and complete as it contains the most accurate iridology including sclerology, and most importantly how to put it all together and make a proper assessment. I feel most confident in my Nutritional Practice now.

Michelle C. Davies CNP, RNCP, Nova Scotia
I have many opportunities now that I may not have had if I had taken another course with someone else!!
BC, Holistic Therapist, Calgary
We are 7 weeks in and I can officially call myself an Iridologist in training. 

Judith’s teaching is professional and easy to learn as she stops for questions, has great colorful slides and reviews every week along with practice slides and videos. Judith has put hours of information and time into this course and her students are her priority and their understanding of the information is imperative to her. 

I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who is even thinking of taking an Iridology course. Judith is a wealth of knowledge and a fantastic mentor. I love this course and I know you will, too. 

A.T., Retired Nurse’s Aide, Calgary

It was wonderful! I have come to the realization that any course/webinar you offer will be excellent and beyond expectations. Thank you for that. As far as the layout of the course, I really like the way you provided building blocks every week, with time to review previous lessons and discussion. I found myself wanting to look at client’s eyes and understanding their issues at a different level.

I liked the class materials – plus the fact every week you added more to the Iris Assessment Form – so it was truly a building process. It was good to have a small class with lots of participation. You have a wonderful way of pulling information out of people, listening, and giving positive feedback and perspective.

I would – and do – highly recommend your classes to anyone serious about learning about natural health.

I think you do a marvelous job teaching and I would like to continue learning from you. Now I need to practice, practice, practice.

 C.A. Holistic Practitioner, Ontario