Insurance Coverage for Holistic Nutrition

Insurance coverage for holistic nutritionGreat News regarding insurance coverage for holistic nutrition!  There are now at least THREE extended benefits providers who offer the option of covering nutritional counselling in the packages they provide. Check your policy. If it is underwritten by Manulife, Greenshield, or Blue Cross (in Alberta) you will want to read your policy. If it includes nutritional counselling, your consultation fees for working with me will be covered because of my professional affiliation with CANNP. If your policy does not include nutritional counselling, you can let your benefits administrator know that you’d like it to be included and why.

People who are proactive regarding their health – they make good dietary choices, exercise regularly, get enough sleep, take supplements, and keep their weight in check – are usually more productive, have fewer sick days, and cost the company less overall.

Encourage your company, regardless of who they are, to include nutritional counselling as a part of your benefits package.

3 thoughts on “Insurance Coverage for Holistic Nutrition”

  1. Hi Judith,

    I am interested in setting up a consultation with you and am wondering what your fee is.


    1. HI Susan,
      Thanks for reaching out.
      I don’t publish my fee structure, simply because it’s one more thing to have to remember to update.
      I see you’ve sent me an email. We’ll work from there.

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