IBS under control for the first time in years!

I have been suffering with IBS for many years now.  I have been to many Drs. and specialists and have been prodded and poked in all areas of my body.  The results are always the same, they can’t find anything wrong, so I am diagnosed with IBS.  This basically means they can’t figure it out and I believe this term was invented for this reason!

I had stomach pain and cramps everyday of my life.  I would miss time with my kids, family and friends because I felt too tired and “yucky” to go out.  I heard through a friend about Judith Cobb and Cobblestone Health.  Over the years I have tried many naturopaths and have numerous bottles of expensive pills cluttering my cupboards, but I was still willing to try something different!

My first appointment with Judith was amazing!  I felt so comfortable talking with her and having her actually listen to what I was saying.  I didn’t just fill out a long sheet of many questions that I knew she probably wouldn’t read, we actually talked through everything.

Within a week of changing my diet and starting on new supplements, I noticed a major change in my life!  I was feeling better, the stomach pain was gone, I had more energy and a better outlook on life!  I am so grateful that Judith is in my life and now helping my 10 year old daughter with some health issues too!  What a great change for our family!  We are very grateful to know such a wonderful person, thank you!

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