I Love September!

September creates more liberated women than any government bill – because school’s in again! I love September. I love the feeling of a ‘bonus’ restart to the year. I don’t like the cooling weather, the shortening days (equinox is Sept 21  🙁  ), or the imminence of winter.

But back to the September thing – I remember when I took our oldest son to his first day of kindergarten. I choked back tears and tried hard to not do the ugly cry. I don’t think it worked very well. More experienced (or maybe just less emotional) moms looked at me strangely. I couldn’t believe my precious baby was old enough to be leaving me, never mind that I already had two other babies younger than he. It got easier after that.

Well do I remember, too, taking our youngest child to her first day of school. Other moms looked at me strangely as I skipped (yes, I really did) down the hall, sang out loud, and sported the biggest smile ever – almost as big as my wedding day. I was now a liberated woman! I now had two and half hours every school day all to myself, after 23 years of having at least one child with me full-time.

The elation over being liberated was short lived. Little did I know, two-and-a-half hours five times a week is not enough time to conquer the world, achieve all my goals, and keep the house clean, laundry done, and meals on the table. It was a terrible shock when, after just a few weeks, I realized the only real difference between what I could do with children at home versus having all the children in school was the house was now silent while I was doing it.

The house is even quieter now, with only two kids at home – one of them working almost full-time and the other in grade 12 (twelfth grade for my American friends, aka a Senior) with lots of extracurricular activities. It feels like we’re almost empty nesters.

Still, I love September. It’s the gift of a second chance in the year to have a fresh start.

What do you love about September? Or do you love another time of year more?

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