Happy New (School) Year!

children in school classroomDepending on where you live, school may have already started or may be starting soon. Depending on your stage of life you may be glad about school starting or you may not really care.

I often think of September as a second ‘New Year.’ As the kids go back to school and routines once again settle in, the next ten months seem to mark a fresh start with new goals, new perspectives, and new hope.

I think aside from going into grade one (we didn’t have kindergarten when I was little) my favorite Septembers were when I went to university. The first year was so exciting. There I was, about a thousand miles from home, a little scared but mostly excited for the adventure of being independent. I only did 3 years of university, but I always looked forward to autumn for the return to campus and the chance to reconnect with last year’s friends.

This ‘new year’ has started with the joyful news that Chef Son (child #4) has found himself a fiancée! We couldn’t be happier for them.

Happy New Year!

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