Gifts of the Heart

The heart is an interesting thing. Some of what we still believe about the heart originated in ancient Egypt. They believed the heart was the source of wisdom,heart ecg emotions, memory, the soul, and personality. Interestingly, they believed the only purpose of the brain was to pass mucus to the nose.

Even now, we use “heart” the way the Egyptians did. Sayings – like take heart, have a heart, heartbreak, faint of heart, my heart goes out, open one’s heart, pour out one’s heart, heart grows fonder, heart sick – show that the heart really is at the center of all of our emotions.

There is growing evidence that our hearts also store memories.

The question I’m pondering is this. If I were to be in an accident today that left my brain dead and my heart in transplantable condition, what would the recipient be inheriting (beyond a new lease on life with a physically healthy heart)? Would my heart imbue them with newfound courage (take heart, the heart of a lion), increased compassion (my heart goes out, tender hearted), the ability to love more deeply (heart grows fonder, love with all my heart)? I would hope to avoid passing on things like heavy-hearted, black-hearted, hard hearted, heartless, cold hearted. I hope my recipient would acquire positive things, because it would mean I had become the kind of person I strove to be and meant to be all along.

What qualities do you hope your heart has stored?

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