What I’ve Forgotten

I’m lucky. One of my daughters-from-another-mother is from ‘another world’ we call Ontario. She’s a 16-hour road trip from her natural-born kin. She skypes with her parents a lot, and her baby is on skype a lot with them, too. DFAM has a strong sense of family – so she makes sure (and I love her tremendously for this) that we see her and Adorable Baby (all grandchildren are adorable!) every week.

forgottenIn these weekly visits AB, who is now nine months old, has reminded me there are important things I had forgotten.

What I’ve remembered is how to sing to babies. Singing quietly right into their ear, while holding them snuggly, is one of the fastest ways I’ve ever found to soothe a child. It’s kind of my way of ‘baby-whispering’.

I’ve remembered how to make babies giggle by nuzzling into their necks with my nose or smothering them with quick smooches.

I’ve remembered how so many of them like to go upside down, will come up to get the blood out of their heads, only to flop backwards, forcefully, to be upside down again and again and again.

I’ve remembered how they love to have their feet patted on my cheeks, how they love to bang on things, squeal with delight, and bounce up and down.

What I’ve forgotten – and this is earth-shattering in its own way – is how to blow good raspberries! I tried and tried and tried yesterday when AB and I were playing together. She’s got it perfectly figured out. She puts her tongue between her lips and blows big, juicy, noisy raspberries! I put my tongue between my lips and I get a weak little sputter that makes my tongue tickle. She does it so effortlessly. I have to concentrate so hard.  Ah well. I guess that’s life.

I’m interested to know – what have you remembered?

2 thoughts on “What I’ve Forgotten”

  1. The best in life, Judith. We just became grandparents in October 2015 and now again during the Friday of the NSP convention in Dallas. Couldn’t help share the delight with strangers in the elevator Friday morning. Thanks for sharing.

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