The end of an era

Well, that’s it.

Mom and Dad were there with us. Mom asked me if I was happy or sad. I answered “Happy. I’m glad it’s finally over and done.”

Alicia grad 300x300 Shrunk‘It’ is our relationship with public education. I remember crying 30 years ago when I walked our oldest son into kindergarten for the first time. We had one other little one at home, with baby #3 due just a few weeks later. I couldn’t believe my firstborn was already 5. I missed him terribly for the first few weeks – at least until #3 showed up, filling any and all gaps in my schedule.

Now, baby #7 has graduated from high school. No more parent council meetings (PTA for my American friends). No more Christmas concerts where you go and watch for over an hour to see your child perform for five minutes. No more parent-teacher (and later parent-teacher-student) interviews.

At one point in time we had children in Senior High (grades 10 – 12), Junior High (grades 7 – 9), and Elementary (K-6) with younger children yet at home. Report cards all came out at about the same time – which meant parent-teacher-student interviews usually happened on the same day. Hubby and I would usually ‘divide and conquer’, much to the children’s dismay.

In one such ‘divide and conquer’ round of PTS interviews, I took junior high and hubby took senior high. Our oldest Baby Girl was in senior high and was doing very well. The only thing hubby could think of to ask the teacher was “where did you get that amazing tie?” Baby Girl didn’t know whether to die of embarrassment or laugh ‘til her sides hurt.

At any rate – it’s done now. No more fuming over school politics and the politics that affect our schools. No more stacks of permission slips to sign every September. No more planning around school holidays, except when we want to involve grandchildren. No more being hit up for money unexpectedly for field trips and material expenses. No more being asked to drive to the far end of the city to watch someone’s boyfriend or girlfriend play in a playoff game or perform in a school concert. No more freezing my tush off watching a son play football in late October. No more …

Maybe, on second thought, I’m not so glad it’s over.

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  1. There’s always freezing your butt off at the grandkids games 😉

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