Very Empty Nest – Test Run

It’s not often parents get to have a ‘test run’ at being empty-nesters, but it’s worked out perfectly for us to do just that.

empty nestBaby Girl has some big plans. Don’t most 19-year olds? Her plans could involve moving away from home, to a place not of her own choosing, to do volunteer work, for up to 18 months. Could be quite an adventure!

Don’t get me wrong. Baby Girl is resourceful, but she’s also Mama’s girl. We love doing things together. When hubby is away, BG and I watch the shows together that hubby won’t watch – animated movies, chick flicks, and the like. We’ll often grab a quick snack at the restaurant where she works when I pick her up on cold or dark nights or if I happen to be out and about when she’s getting off. I’m just not sure she’s ready for complete and total autonomy yet.

There is an elderly, but very capable, lady (EL) in our congregation at church. Her husband passed away a year or two ago, leaving her all alone in a massive 3-bedroom condominium. Over that time, various people have taken up residence with her – some renting, some not. I posed the question to her if she’d be willing to let BG live with her, paying rent of course, for a couple of months just to see if BG could manage. The arrangement was EL was only to provide a bedroom and access to the laundry facilities and kitchen. BG was to buy her own groceries, prepare her own meals, and keep her space clean. EL was agreeable, and so it was that BG moved out. BG is a few weeks into this test run of ‘adulting’ as we call it – and she’d doing really well. I’m so proud of how she is managing so far.

I love BG dearly, I really do. And our house is massive for just the two of us, much too big, really. Still, hubby and I are quite enjoying the empty nest.

BG is scheduled to come back to us in January, and with any luck, the experiment will have set her up to be successful should she embark on the adventure. If (and when) she does, you can be sure I will write a sequel to this post!

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