Diarrhea and diabetes fixed at the same time!

adult stomach acheI would like to commend you for your skill and patience in facilitating my recent recovery from a five month bout with chronic diarrhea – and the bonus of ending diabetes.

I had been consulting a traditional doctor repeatedly about diarrhea from Nov ‘08 til March ‘09 with little abatement of the discomfort and frustration of racing for the loo several times every day and night. Sometimes I would not make it which resulted in a cleanup and disinfecting of the floor and walls around my toilet. During those long weeks, the doctor recommended Immodium and took me off the diabetes medication I was on – to no avail.

On the recommendation of a friend, on March 26 I came to you and the diarrhea was stopped THAT DAY. You took the time and had the expertise to carefully interview me and consider various options.

You introduced me to Silver Shield and several supplements, and adjusted my diet to a strict, one week regimen of Gloop Soup every three hours. Since I don’t cook, I hated the cooking and pureeing it required. However, I was highly motivated as I was seriously considering being forced to cancel a long-anticipated bus trip around Ireland eight weeks hence.

The first week produced excellent results as my gut returned towards normal, so my diet was gradually increased and varied. You reminded me of the importance of proper hydration and also, of chewing my food properly so carbs can get a goodly amount of enzymes in the mouth to start digestion, smaller bits of protein can be digested better in the stomach and fats in the gut. I had not known that improperly digested carbs will ferment and cause gas in the gut. I continued to wear a pedometer and aimed for 10,000 steps a day.

In four weeks I had dropped 15 pounds. My blood glucose test results had dropped to between 4.1 and 5.7 and have continued steadily in that range (when I refrain from a chocolate binge). I do not consider I have active diabetes any longer.

For me you have been a healer. I will continue to check in with you periodically. Thank you for changing my life and health for the better.

Gratefully, HJ

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