Christmas in September

Christmas TreeOne of our sons and his wife and children live just a few minutes away. The in-laws (who we actually quite like) live just a few minutes away, too. It can make Christmas interesting. I know it seems early to be talking about Christmas – but daughter (I refuse to call the partners my children bring into the family ‘in-law’ – I prefer to claim them as my own) brought it up a few days ago.

“Mom, is it too early to talk about Christmas? It’s our year to spend Christmas day with you.” I love it! Son chose well. He chose a woman who realizes that their family is now more than the family she grew up with. So, we talked about Christmas, and how they love our Christmas brunch of whole wheat waffles, whipped cream, berries, turkey bacon, hash browns, and muffins – all eaten while we take longer than forever to open the tree gifts, laugh, talk, and have fun together.

Daughter-who-just-got-married overheard the conversation. “Can we come over Christmas eve and spend the night here?”

“Sure” I replied. “If the renovations are done we can push the twin beds together in your room for the two of you.” She was pleased, and so was her hubby.

I guess that means I’m cooking a turkey this year. I don’t usually. I prefer to relax and have simple food on Christmas day. But with what looks like a houseful I should be able to recruit some extra kitchen help.

No, it’s really not too early to talk about Christmas when it’s good like this!

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