Best Laid Plans

I’ll admit – the hardest part of being pregnant was not knowing exactly when I’d go into labor. I couldn’t plan anything! For the first few I had my bagged packed two weeks before D-Day – because that’s what I was taught to do. It only took a few times through to figure out my babies had minds of their own (they were not going to come early – it was too comfy in there), and they could apparently read calendars, as they were always either right on due date or within 12 hours of it.  By the time we got to baby #4, I’d pack a few days before D-Day and all was good.

But there was still this planning thing. I couldn’t necessarily plan to meet up with a friend in that last week. Yeah, I understand that my friends would have understood if plans needed to be changed at the last minute, but I really don’t like doing that. Hubby and I couldn’t plan a date and book a sitter – because, again, it wouldn’t be right to cancel on a sitter last minute because Grandma was coming to babysit for the trip to the hospital instead. I couldn’t volunteer for anything because … you get the picture.

Yes, I do enjoy the planning process – and what pregnancy didn’t allow, family trips did. I still think road trips are the best. Our best family vacation – the ones the kids talk about more than the Disneyland trips – was a 12-day road trip. The planning that went into that was nothing short of epic.The ultimate destination was a triathlon on Whidbey Island. We camped our way down through northern Montana and across into Northern Washington, to end up on Whidbey Island, where we stayed in a lovely state campground for a few days. After the race we headed home through southern BC. Planning made all the difference – we never drove for more than two hours without stopping for a stretch, a snack, to change drivers, or to look at something. We never drove more than six hours in one day. We had plenty of time to take our time and to be spontaneous along the way. The only pieces that were really cast in stone were getting to our reserved campgrounds each day and getting to the race on time.

I guess, when you think about it, being pregnant is a bit of a loose plan. You know that baby is going to arrive sooner or later – one can’t stay pregnant forever, thank goodness! You just have to accept the baby’s spontaneity as to when! That’s pretty much like life in general! The best laid plans …

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