Baby Blanket #7

Most people who meet me for the first time don’t believe I’m old enough to have grandchildren. Fact of the matter is – I am. We welcomed our sixth grandchild in November, and not a week later got the announcement that another one is on the way in July. So come July, we’ll have as many grandchildren as we have children.

I must say I am generally delighted with my children and their spouses and the way they feed our grandchildren.

Many years ago I was in a workshop where the topic was parenting adult children. As I sat there, I contemplated my parents’ parenting style. Dad will sit back, let you get into hot water, then throw you a rope to pull you out. He’ll offer advice when asked. Mom, on the other hand, offers advice anytime, anywhere, on any topic, whether asked for or not.  In the workshop, and also from an older woman whom I have admired for many years, I heard, “Don’t give advice unless asked, and then only give the Coles Notes version. If they want more, they’ll ask for it.” I took that advice to heart, and I really try to hold back and let the kids run their own lives. I think I’m mostly successful. So when I say I’m generally delighted, I’m saying my kids and their

spouses are doing a great job without my meddling in their affairs.

I need to run out to the fabric shop now. I have another baby blanket to make.

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