Angel and Devil

I swear I have an Angel and a Devil living in my head!

I love to eat but only if it’s good food that I didn’t have to cook and don’t have to clean up after. That’s why all of our gatherings with our children and grandchildren are now ‘organized potlucks.’ We’ve got some serious good cooks in our crowd. You’d be very safe in betting that none of them got their skills from me. I can’t take any credit for our son’s Red Seal in culinary arts. And I can’t take credit for the great cooks our children by marriage are either.

good foodFact of the matter is, if I didn’t need to eat to survive I probably wouldn’t bother with it. I have to admit that being a holistic nutritionist has spoiled eating even more for me. I see things I’d like to eat (chocolate, ice cream, cake) and have an angel-devil food fight that goes like this (see if your Angel and Devil have the same food fight as mine).

Angel: That’s not good for you.

Devil: But you’ve been such a good girl. You lifted weights for 30 minutes today. You deserve it!

Angel: You’re working out to get rid of that 5-pound pudge.

Devil: But a tiny little serving will be okay.

Angel: It’s those tiny little servings that you keep going back for that gave you the pudge.

Devil: But you could just have one.

Angel: And that will lead to just one more and just one more until the whole thing is gone.

Devil: Shut up, Angel! You’re no fun at all.

Angel: Devil, that wasn’t nice. Judith has goals she wants to reach and I’m trying to encourage her.

Devil: What she needs is a reward for all her hard work.

Angel: Judith, don’t listen to Devil. Devil doesn’t want you to feel great or look great. Go grab a carrot, or a baby cuke – you know how you love those baby cukes! And you know how you’ll feel when you start to see the pudge melting off and the muscles building up. Go ahead – have two baby cukes! You’ve earned them!

LOL – so now that you’ve had a peek at the Angel and Devil inside my head I want to peek inside yours!

I want to know if your Angel and Devil have food fights, too. Who usually wins?

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