And there it was again

I took my car in for servicing to the local dealership a while back. They are located close to a beautiful park. They have a waiting area upstairs that is stocked with fruit baskets, donuts, coffee, and bottled water. The seating is tables and chairs – not the most comfy, but certainly functional. I usually try to get my car in before 8 AM, and even though they will shuttle me home and pick me up again when my car is ready, I usually tell them I’ll wait for it.

Elevator Music 2560x1440 ShrunkThe weather determines whether I’m really going to wait in that upstairs room or go for a run, and the events on my schedule determine whether I’m going to take the shuttle home or spend the morning out. I know servicing my car will take 60 to 90 minutes – which is a perfect run period. So, if it’s not raining or really windy I’ll head out, returning sweaty after they phone me to say “It’s done”.

Sometimes, I just have too much office stuff to get done – newsletters to write, research to do – like I did again recently.  I took my laptop and my mobile internet stick and headed to that upstairs waiting room. I’ve never been fond of the smell of coffee – so that was the first big turn off for going up there. The other really, really big turn off – there it was again – the muzak! While other customers were lolling about reading the newspaper, eating donuts, and drinking coffee – not needing to think thoughts through to completion – I was tucked in a corner with my computer plugged into the only outlet that was near a table, working. In my mind I had my fingers in my ears and was “Lalala-ing” to block out the noise. It didn’t work. As that elevator style muzak continued to waft through the air I got more and more unsettled until I simply had to put my computer away. I just couldn’t think past the noise.

I get it that music can make time feel like it’s passing faster. That would be the kind of music I can hum along to or tap my toe to, but that would still be a distraction. When I’m working I prefer old-school, librarian-enforced quiet. I’m sure if I dig deep enough I can find a government-funded study that proves two things: 1) muzak makes time move more slowly, and 2) it was developed by someone who specialized in creating special, cruel, and unusual methods of torture. It makes me wonder why businesses play muzak, and who actually creates that sound glop?

At any rate it’s a good thing the car doesn’t need to go in for servicing very often.

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  1. Hi Judith, your account reminds me of when I was studying to become a Realtor. I could tolerate no noise distraction of any kind, the radio on low, someone coming in and out of the house, laundry noise, anything!, to push through the mental work of reading and absorbing the heavy legally written course material with my highlighter hitting important points! And.., I had to make sure my brain was kept well hydrated and fed with proteins, to keep from just fizzling out after a short while. Couldn’t do it at night either.., I would fall asleep! I would have been a disaster in the modern classroom of my children where constant student interaction and cooperative learning was the norm. Cheers, Jan

    1. I understand what you mean! My son, who works in an electronics store, came in yesterday. He said “Mom, I can get you a great deal on a fabulous bluetooth speaker $30 marked down from $200. Do you want one?”
      I replied “What for?”
      “So you can listen to music anywhere in the house”, he said.
      We were in my office. I was working really hard on some big projects. My reply was “I have an old-fashioned I-pod thingy in the kitchen that works just fine with my old-fashioned I-pod. I like it quiet in my office when I’m working. Thanks, but I think I’ll pass.”
      Not only do I not need/like/want muzak, I am happy in peace and quiet most of the time, and especially when I need my brain to be turned on and tuned-in 100% of the time.

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