Allergy Reversals are Wonderful!

EczemaNov. 11, 2007

My daughter (age 8) and I have had great success reversing our allergies, with Judith’s help.  My daughter had food allergies to fruit and oats.  My allergies were more environmental (dander, dust, mold and pollen).  After our very first session both my daughter and I noticed a big change.  My daughter was not having as many rashes and I did not get my usual spring and fall sniffles.  We have had a few more sessions since then to fine tune our bodies’ responses and we are well on our way to becoming allergy free.

I have to admit, when I first heard about allergy reversals I was skeptical, because it involved muscle testing and gentle tapping of different sections on the body to rebalance it while in contact with a small bit of the allergen.  I did not try allergy reversals until my daughter was showing signs of food allergies.  I had severe food allergies as a child and I did not want my daughter to go through life always scratching as I had as a child.  We tried some herbal remedies to support her systems, but she still could not eat any fruit.  I decided to try allergy reversals with her as a totally non-medical option for treating her allergies.  I was pleasantly surprised when it worked on her.  I decided to try to reverse my allergies and I was also amazed at how quickly they went away.

Allergy reversals are a very gentle way to allow the body to heal itself.  I recommend them to anyone who is struggling with a body that over responds to foods or environmental stimuli.  It is very freeing to be allergy free.

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