Avoiding Flu Naturally – With a Superhero Immune System

Natural ways to boost the immune system and treat illness, by Judith G. Cobb, MH, CI, NCPimmune

Superheroes are all the craze right now. My little grandson insists on wearing three Superhero t-shirts at the same time so he can have all the powers of the Hulk, Superman, and Spider-Man all at once. Superheroes have super powers. They can defeat the bad guys, sometimes with a little effort, sometimes with an exhaustive investment of energy. Regardless, Hollywood makes sure they always win so there can be a sequel.

Could it be possible that you are actually doing things to weaken your immune system’s powers, like Superman being exposed to Kryptonite? What if you could change what you are doing to strengthen your immune system to defend you as well as the Superheroes protect the world in the Marvel and DC movies? It’s possible, you know? Take away the kryptonite-like substances that infiltrate our diets and weaken our immune systems and add in the right things to support our immune systems and we can have Superhero-like resistance to viral and bacterial immuneinfections. Taking good care to bolster your immune system is a powerful way to protect yourself against everything from the common cold to the flu, Ebola, and Enterovirus. It just makes sense that a strong immune system will offer protection where a weak system will simply buckle and let the bad guys take over.

Immune system

Your immune system has several layers. Bypass any one of them and you’ve potentially compromised your immune system in serious ways.

The first layer is the oils on your skin. They are naturally antiseptic. Using harsh antimicrobial soaps has been proven to strengthen the bad guy since with viruses and bacteria it is survival of the fittest. You’ve also, however, stripped those antiseptic oils off your skin with that harsh antibacterial soap. Wash your hands, yes. Use soap, yes. Use something that is biodegradable and is not going to dissolve your body oils, such as NSP Concentrate (see link below).

The second layer of defense is the saliva in your mouth. Even if you’re not a mouth breather you open your mouth to eat and to speak. The chances of a little microbial enemy flying in there on a minor air current is not only real but happens on a very regular basis every time you open your mouth. Saliva is designed to begin digesting foods, mainly carbs, but many viruses and bacteria cannot survive the alkaline environment of the mouth. Keep your mouth clean. Brush your teeth to get food particles off your teeth and gums that could serve as rotten little breeding places for microbes.

The third layer is the mucus in your nose and sinuses. We usually think of it as being an inconvenience, but it is also glue that traps microbes as they get inhaled with every breath you breathe. Mucus is acidic – so it is great at dissolving proteins – and that includes viruses and bacteria. Blow your nose when you need to. Avoid the ‘little kid’ approach of ‘snort and swallow.’ The rest of your body does not want to have to deal with mucus or microbes your sinuses were trying to get rid of.

Your stomach is the fourth layer and, like the nasal mucus, is acidic. A virus or bacteria that gets as far as the stomach, and survives, is pretty tough. Keep your stomach strong, in part by not putting things into it that compromise its integrity. The absolute worst things you can inflict on your stomach are coffee, black/green tea, and soda pop. Their acid contents are so strong that the stomach, even with its naturally high acid level, can be severely damaged by them.

Once the virus or bacteria has infiltrated the blood stream, it’s time for the lymphatic system (lymph nodes, tonsils, adenoids, and spleen) to kick in. Even the liver gets in on the action, producing antibodies and other important immune cells to fight off the invaders. Daily physical activity is one of the best therapies for the lymphatic system.


When you get a shot you bypass everything and jump in at the very last stage by shooting the infectious critter directly into the blood stream. All of the earlier defense mechanisms, which could have gently stimulated the lymph nodes, tonsils, adenoids, and liver to start creating antibodies, have been bypassed, leaving the final level of defense, the blood-borne defense, to bear the entire assault on its own. Often the system cannot handle this direct assault and the recipient of the vaccine gets sick anyway. Medical personnel will say ‘but is will be a milder case because you were vaccinated’. I simply don’t believe it.

Natural Options

What do I do instead of getting the flu shot? Note – I am not telling you what to do. I’m not even giving you advice. I’m just telling you what I do. Here’s a hint – our needs are not very different one from another. These tips are sound for the vast majority of the population. Do with them as you will, and I challenge you to put them to the test, 100%.

  1. I eat almost no refined sugar. When do we see the most colds, flus, runny noses? Right after Halloween, Christmas, Easter, and to a lesser extent Valentine’s day – the sugar feasts. Sugar acidifies the body and weakens the immune system.
  2. Drink lots of water. I include herbal teas. I weigh 127 lbs – that means I drink a minimum of 60 ounces per day. Water flushes toxins out of the system.
  3. Eat veggies. In the winter, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, foods should not be eaten raw or cold. Raw and cold stresses the spleen, which is a part of the immune response team. I strive for 5 – 6 cups per day of veggies – and I hit that target at least 75% of the time.
  4. Get enough sleep. Chances are, whatever terribly important thing I am doing that is keeping me up past my bedtime can wait until tomorrow. Recent research1 has shown we NEED about 8.5 hours of sleep each day. Less sleep than that can cause a myriad of problems. (Read the article in the footnote for more info.) I go to bed earlier if I feel run-down or more tired than usual. Fatigue is often an indicator that I’m in the very early stages of fighting an infection. I know if I want to win the fight without being knocked out of the game I have to go to bed early and get a good night’s sleep.
  5. I exercise for at least 60 minutes per day, at least 5 days per week, sometimes more days, sometimes longer workouts. I do a wide variety of things – mostly cycling, running, swimming, and yoga. Exercise flushes the lymphatic system and helps the body get rid of toxins faster.
  6. Take appropriate supplements – not just for the immune system, but for overall health. I admit, I take a lot of supplements – more than I would recommend for most of my clients. Why would I do that? Because I want the best health possible. I believe in doing everything I can, naturally, to enhance my health and to protect it, whether it’s from a virus or from the degeneration that plagues us as we age. Each of us has unique health needs. Take the confidential online health assessment (see link below) to get a good idea of what your body needs are now.
  7. Laugh a lot. I love my husband. He has such a quick sense of humor. He makes me laugh with a single word, a look, a text, many times each day. Sometimes we laugh so hard I regret having well-toned abs!
  8. Hug people and express appreciation. Love and gratitude build everyone up. Dr. Hans Selye,2 who coined the phrase psychoneuroimmunology,3 had it right when he discovered that stress makes everything worse. Conversely, gratitude and appropriately placed hugs make a lot of things a whole lot better.

That’s all well and good in my rose-colored world. What happens if I get a sore throat or feel like I’m coming down with something? That’s easy. I Sweat, Soak, and Sleep. This method WORKS. It works better than oil of oregano, better than golden seal and echinacea, better than Cold FX. If my early warning systems (throat and forehead sinuses) are telling me today’s the day I’m going to get sick, I shut down my office early, get supper finished as quickly as I can, then I head out for a 30-minute run. Any kind of sweat-inducing aerobic, whole-body exercise will work, I just happen to adore running. The purpose here is to sweat, generate heat, and move my lymphatic fluid. Then I drop myself into the bathtub for a soak. I hate hot soaks. I don’t like the heat. I don’t like reading in the tub. I just don’t like hot soaks … but I stay there for 30 minutes, sweating uncomfortably. I’m a big girl, I can do things I don’t like to do because I know they’re good for me. This perpetuates the heat – making it act like an artificial fever – which helps to fight off bacteria and viruses even before they have a strong enough hold to make my body fever naturally on its own. The last step is I go to bed, lights out, and stay there until morning. If I’m lucky I started the whole process 10 – 12 hours before I need to get up the next morning – and when I do get up I’m as good as new!

So, that’s it, my friends. That is why I think vaccines are a waste of time and money. When you lay the right foundation with proper food, exercise, and lifestyle in general, you don’t need vaccines. A strong body that is truly healthy can fight off even very strong invaders.

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