Two Kinds Of Children (Keeping Children Well)

How do you go about keeping children well?

by Judith G. Cobb, MH, CI, NCPkeeping children well

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There are two kinds of children in this world – those that are always sick and those that aren’t.

Once, when one of my children was a newborn baby, I took him to the doctor for his 3-month check-up. Things had been going well, so I considered this appointment really to be more of a social visit than a medical appointment. The baby’s exam was proceeding as expected when the doctor popped a question on me that really stunned me. The question – “Has your baby had a cold yet?”

I was floored! This was my third baby. I was breastfeeding exclusively. I had never had a baby have a cold in the first year of life. The tone in my voice must have been incredulous as I blurted out “No! Why would he have had a cold already?”

Her response was, “All babies get colds.” And then the real revelation came as she added, “Most kids get six colds per year. My two are always sick with something.” Wow! The doctor couldn’t keep her own children healthy. I had to ask myself, “What’s the difference? What am I doing that the good doctor is not?”

What would it take to keep children, including infants, from getting sick frequently, especially with colds? And if they did dare to get sick with a cold, what could you do about it to help them be more comfortable and get better faster?

The best way to keep an infant well is to breastfeed him exclusively and to make sure Mom’s diet is optimal also, using herbs and vitamins to enhance it as necessary.

If you can’t breastfeed for some reason, then choose the best formula you can and enhance it with herbs. Rosehips, chlorophyll, and catnip and fennel extract are three things that should be added to every baby bottle.

Rosehips contain many vitamins and minerals, and they taste pretty good. Once baby is eating some solid food, rosehips can be mixed in. (What should baby be eating for solids? That is covered in detail in Introducing Solids.) Some moms open the capsules and mix them into applesauce or a small smoothie. Other moms just let their kids chew the capsules. You will figure out your child’s preferred way of taking them.

Foods to avoid to keep your children well include anything that contains white flour, refined sugar, and/or artificial sweeteners. Keep dairy products to a minimum. (See The Calcium Conundrum.) White flour, white sugar, and dairy products all generate excess mucus in the body. Mucus provides an ideal breeding place for viruses and bacteria of all kinds. (For more details on child nutrition, check out Nutrition for Learning.) Every school teacher will tell you more children are sick or absent in the weeks following Halloween, Christmas, Easter, and to a lesser extent Valentine’s Day than any other time of the year.

Remember, too, that once a child is weaned from the breast and/or bottle, the very best beverage is good, clean, purified water. Children don’t need juice. Not only is the natural sugar (and sometimes added sugar) content high but the calories are high, too, especially when compared with the low amounts of nutrients in juice. Instead, try adding a few drops of chlorophyll to your child’s water. Most kids really like chlorophyll. One smart mom I know used to call it ‘happy juice’ and she’d serve it with a straw!

What if junior does get sick? What are you going to do about it? Recall that earlier I said viruses and bacteria thrive in mucus. My first two favorite herbal answers for kids with snotty noses and coughs are Catnip & Fennel and CC-A with Yerba Santa.

Catnip & Fennel is a must for every known childhood condition. It rallies the immune system and helps the child rest. Additionally, if your child’s digestion is upset, Catnip & Fennel can go a long way to calming it down.

CC-A with Yerba Santa contains herbs that loosen mucus, soothe irritated breathing passageways, and bolster the immune system. In short, it helps to bring symptom relief quickly while supporting the body in getting rid of the excess mucus.

Keeping your children well is one of your primary jobs as a parent. Nutrition is the first most important foundation that must be laid. Without really healthy nutrition the supplements simply can’t do their jobs. When proper superior nutrition is in place most children will stay chronically well.

If you have concerns about your child’s health, or just don’t know where to begin making improvements, please contact me, Judith Cobb, to book an appointment. Skype, phone, webinar, and face-to-face appointments are available. I also invite you to Follow my adult health website ( and Like us on Facebook (Cobblestone Health Ltd).

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