How to do a proper enema

Disclaimer: This information is provided for your education only. Judith Cobb and Cobblestone Health Ltd are in no way responsible for the results you get if you use the information. Always seek the advice of a qualified health professional.

Equipment needed:

Enema/douche bag with enema tip
Lubricant for tip – high quality hand lotion or KY gel, for example
Measuring cup
6 cups boiled water, still very hot (Don’t worry, we’ll cool it off first. You’ve boiled it to heat it, not to sterilize it)
Thick, cushy towels to lie on
Probiotic 11 from Nature’s Sunshine Products
Pillow for comfort (optional)

Allow up to an hour to complete the process. Do it in the bathroom to be near the toilet.

1. Begin by taking 4 capsules of Probiotic 11 orally. (When you wash the bowel out as thoroughly as this enema can, you will be washing out all of the friendly bacteria, too. It is important to ingest a large amount of probiotics before beginning the enema process to ensure they are well on their way to the bowel by the time the enema is complete. If you are not willing/able to take the probiotics do not do the enema.)

2. Next, clean the equipment (especially the hose and the enema tip) thoroughly with hot soapy water.

Ensure that you can hang the enema bag about 36” above the floor. Do not hang it higher than this as it will create too much water pressure. You might need to use a coat hanger to suspend the bag on the towel bar, for instance.

Boil 6 cups of water.

Take all of the equipment into the bathroom.

Make sure the clip on the hose is in the closed position.

3. Descending bowel: Put 2 cups of hot water and 2 cups of cold tap water into the enema bag, making this the temperature of a hot bath.  Open the clip to ‘burp the hose,’ closing it off as soon as water starts to come through.

Lie on your left side.

Lubricate the tip. Insert it gently into your rectum (only a few inches), open the clip, and let the water flow into your body. If at any point you feel cramping or discomfort, close the clip and massage your abdomen. If the cramping or discomfort passes, open the clip and take in more water, stopping as necessary. If the cramping/discomfort does not stop after, at most, 10-15 seconds, remove the tube, sit on the toilet and expel.  Re-lubricate the tip and repeat the process while lying on your left side until the entire enema bag has been emptied. (The bowel will be emptied frequently in the process of this enema. The goal is NOT to hold all of this water in the bowel; it is to rinse, flush, and repeat.)

4. Transverse bowel: Repeat all of part 3, but this time change your body position – on your knees, with your shoulders lower than your hips. The water should be about the temperature of a warm bath.

5. Ascending bowel: Repeat all of part 3 again, but this time lie on your right side. By now the water is probably tepid – quite cool – and you may feel a cool tingling as the water courses through your bowel. This is normal. Warm water relaxes the bowel; cool water stimulates. Over the course of the enema we are increasing the stimulation with each bag.

6. Immediately after completing the enema and emptying the bowel, insert 2 capsules of probiotics into the rectum (the capsules will need to be lubricated first). You consumed 4 capsules of probiotic orally before you started; by taking probiotics orally and rectally you begin to re-establish your healthy gut flora immediately. This is critical to help prevent opportunistic yeast and fungal infections.

Closing notes:

  1. The “yuck factor” for doing this may be high, but the rewards are higher: removal of temporary blockages and/or rapid removal of toxins, which helps the immune system, especially when fighting an infection.
  2. Most people feel lighter and maybe even a little energized afterward.
  3. There is no need to take more probiotic right away – what was consumed at the outset will not have made it to the bowel yet – but taking 2-4 capsules of Probiotic 11 each day for the next few days would be a good idea.
  4. Your next bowel movement will depend on your bowel transit time – typically it should be within 16-24 hours.
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