7 Day Detox Cleanse

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Detox Cleanse

I first found this detox cleanse in the book Colon Cleansing – The Best-Kept Secret! by Jennifer Weiss and Vena Burnett. My copy of the book was published in 1989, and I believe it is long out-of-print. It is well worth the purchase price if you can find it for sale anywhere.

I’ve modified the cleanse slightly.

This cleanse is intense. I used this detox cleanse many years ago to dissolve a breast lump that was going to be checked for cancer. This cleanse uses ingredients from Nature’s Sunshine Products. Click here for more info about Nature’s Sunshine or to purchase your supplies to do this cleanse. Some of the ingredients are available only from NSP USA. If you live in another country, please contact me and I’ll help you get what you need.

Warning: Do not even think about doing this cleanse if you are not willing and able to do an enema every day of the cleanse! If you have liver or gallbladder issues you may not be able to complete a full seven days. Please be aware of how you feel. If you feel ill or unwell at any time, start to come off the cleanse immediately. A fast this intense should be supervised by a health professional.

Cleansing Drink

2 Tbsp Hydrated Bentonite
1 tsp Psyllium Hulls Combinationhydrated bentonite use in detox cleanse


2 tablets Children’s Chewable Vitamins
2 tablets Chewable Vitamin C
2 tablets Calcium Plus D
1 capsule Herbal Potassium
2 capsules Red Beet Root Formula
2 capsules Probiotic 11
** capsules Cascara Sagrada (or a bowel combination like LBS II or LB-X)


Do not eat solid foods during your seven days on this detox cleanse. If you experience hunger, you may drink a vegetable juice or broth of your choice. Herbal tea and purified water are encouraged.

The evening before starting this detox cleanse, take 2 Cascara Sagrada capsules.

First thing every morning, drink the Cleansing Drink with 6 oz purified water and 4 oz fruit juice (papaya, apple, pineapple, black cherry juice, or herbal punch [from NSP]). Take the cleansing drink 4 – 5 times per day, at 3-hour intervals.

About 1 1/2 hours after taking the Cleansing Drink, take all of the supplements. You will take the supplements 4 – 5 times day.

** Use the amount of Cascara Sagrada necessary to have 2 – 3 bowel movements per day. Start with 1 capsule every time you take the supplements. Increase or decrease the Cascara Sagrada as needed.

You MUST take at least one proper health enema every day. This is not a little 4 oz, store bought, prepackaged enema.  It’s best to alternate coffee and garlic enemas. (Note from Judith Cobb: when I did the cleanse I used purified water only.)

After the 7 days

Continue taking the Cascara Sagrada as needed. (Note from Judith Cobb: I found the cascara too harsh. I used LBS II and found I could not take even 1 capsule each time. I could only handle 2 – 3 per day.) Eat lightly for 3 days. Drink lots of liquids.

Note from Judith Cobb: I found it best to follow the following plan to come off the  detox cleanse. This is also what I recommend to my clients.

day 1: steamed veggies
day 2: add non-gluten grains, raw veggies
day 3: add chicken and/or fish
day 4: full diet, small portions

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Products referred to in article:

 Nature's Sunshine Products CANADANature's Sunshine Products USA
hydrated bentoniteHydrated Bentonite is available through the Sunshine Direct program
(contact Nature’s Sunshine Canada at 1-800-265-9163 for instructions)
or by special order from Cobblestone Health
judith@cobblestonehealth.com or 403-850-5503).
Hydrated Bentonite
psyllium hulls combinationPsyllium Hulls CombinationPsyllium Hulls Combination
children's chewable vitaminsSunshine Heroes Multiple Vitamins plus Iron (chewable)Children's MultiVitamin
chewable vitamin CSunshine Heroes Vitamin CChewable Vitamin C
calcium plus DCalcium, LiquidCalcium, Liquid
herbal potassiumPotasPotassium, Combination
red beet root formulaI-XRed Beet Root Formula
(this is also needed for the enemas)Probiotic 11 (CN)Probiotic Eleven
bowel supportCascara SagradaCascara Sagrada (Capsules)
LBS IILBS II, capsules

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