Softest Hands (How to Have Hands as Soft as a Baby’s Bottom)

by Judith G. Cobb, MH, CI, NCP

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Some of you know I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. You can translate that to be ‘darn cold in the winter’ and ‘drier than the Sahara Desert.’  Climate studies have actually shown that this part of the world is less humid than the Sahara. We have the dubious honor of being the ‘ChapStick Capital of the World.’

Now, I can keep my hands soft pretty well most of the time. The body part that gets really dry for me – we’re talking so dry and ragged I could sand the plaster smooth on drywall (gypsum or plaster board for people in other areas of the world)  is my heels. I’m totally serious. I really, really, really dislike having rough feet – but I’ve found a lovely solution.

Years ago I used to do aromatherapy parties in people’s homes and had a blast doing them. I taught women how to make spa treatments at home for a fraction of the price they’d pay in a boutique. One of the favorites was sugar scrubs. I demoed it on everyone’s hands. Everybody loved it. Dry, rough hands literally became as soft as a baby’s tender little tush in a matter of minutes.

Baby's Behind

Hubby and I are do-it-yourself renovation junkies. Last summer we finished renovating our ensuite bathroom. I now have a beautiful, spa-like setting, and while we created it I earned really rough hands from doing the drywall plastering, tile setting, and tile grouting myself.

Now we are doing our bedroom. We ripped out drywall and floors, replaced insulation, and installed new drywall and a beautiful new hardwood floor – so my hands have suffered the abuse again – but this time during the winter when it’s harder to keep moisture in the skin.

I decided to create spa treatments for myself to combat the dry, rough skin – and you can do the same! It’s really easy and very cost-effective.  I’ve mixed up a batch of my favorite sugar scrub, put it in a pretty jar with a tight-fitting lid, put a little silver baby spoon with it – and I can use it easily on my feet and hands when I am in the shower.

An added bonus – if you live in a dry climate and your shins get dry and flaky in the winter, too – just rub little of this scrub on the shins, rinse it off and they will be exfoliated and moisturized in one move. Love it! Love it! Love it!

So here are my fav recipes for sugar scrubs. You can do them with salt if you’d like – but really – if you don’t know you’ve got a cut, rubbing salt on it is a nasty way to find out. Besides, this is the best use I’ve ever found for white sugar!

Basic Sugar (or Salt) Scrub
¼ c white table sugar (or sea salt)
¼ c massage oil or grapeseed oil
6 drops essential oil (suggestions below)

For feet:
Combine sugar or salt, carrier oil, and essential oils. Rub 1-2 tsp of scrub all over feet for a minute. Rinse thoroughly.  Follow with Nature’s Sunshine’s Irish Moss Hand and Body Lotion. ***Caution***if you are doing this in the shower, your feet will be VERY slippery from the oil. Be sure to put an anti-slip mat in the tub before you begin the sugar scrub process.

For hands:
Combine sugar or salt, carrier oil, and essential oils. Apply ½ tsp NSP Concentrate to hands first, then apply sugar scrub and massage for a minute.  Rinse thoroughly.  Follow with Nature’s Sunshine’s Irish Moss Hand and Body Lotion. The NSP Concentrate makes it easier to get the excess oil off your hands. I have found NSP Concentrate to be very gentle on the skin.

Essential Oil Combination #1: “Soft Skin”
2 drops lavender*
2 drops geranium*
2 drops bergamot*

Essential Oil Combination #2: “Sunshine”
2 drops lemon*
2 drops bergamot*
2 drops red mandarin*

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Bergamot BIO
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Red Mandarin
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