Travel Healthfully – Avoiding Montezuma’s Revenge

by Judith G. Cobb, MH, CI, NCP

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I love to travel. I would love to travel much, much more than I get to now. I am very aware, however, that travel is a little bit stressful and things can happen, healthwise, that can take the joy out of it.

A few years back we made the opportunity to travel to England, where my husband was born, for our 30th wedding anniversary. It was a fabulous trip – however, about one week into our 17-day adventure, Hubby started to feel unwell. Gut issues. Incredible bloating and intense pain with it. I had taken very little by way of emergency supplements with us since we were going to a first-world nation, spoke the language, and would not be eating anything particularly odd. We happened to be in Old York when Hubby started to come ‘unglued.’ We managed to find a vitamin shop and got to it just moments before they were going to close for the day. There I stood, in front of a wall of supplements. I quickly managed to choose one that had all the right ingredients. Hubby started to take it and began to feel better almost immediately. We suspect this was caused by excitement. Hubby hadn’t been back to England in over 35 years.

Traveling family at airportWe had another incident many years ago, traveling to the Happiest Place in the World. As we arrived in Anaheim and checked in to our hotel, my leg started to itch. I don’t have eczema – but somehow my leg had temporarily forgotten this. As my entire shin erupted in an itchy, patchy rash, I knew I was in trouble. I’d never seen anything like this come up so fast, ever! I managed to find a Nature’s Sunshine Products distributor who lived near where we were staying. She graciously sold me everything I asked for – and within a couple of days I had the rash totally eradicated. I surmised this must have been caused by stress. It was our first holiday ever flying with children, and we had five of them ages 13 and under.

Knowing what herbs to take along to remedy situations, without taking an extra suitcase for the ‘medicine chest,’ is a valuable piece of knowledge. Add to that the various restrictions imposed on the contents of luggage and carry-ons if you are flying, and you will need to pack quite smartly to take any extra wellness supplies with you.

When you travel

Let’s start with a peek at what some of the risks are. When you travel you might end up:

  • in crowds
  • with interrupted sleep, sleep deprivation, jet lag
  • stressed
  • eating strange food
  • eating food that may be contaminated
  • drinking poor quality water
  • being ‘trapped’ in inactivity in buses, cars, airplanes

Enough of any one of these possible risk factors can certainly cause the immune system to buckle.

You alone will be able to best discern what risks are greatest for you when you travel. Those risks will be different if you are on a hiking vacation versus a luxury cruise versus an excursion to a third-world country.

Crowded areas, immunity issues

I’m not a huge believer in ‘catching’ infections from other people. I do believe, however, that if we allow ourselves to get run down, or if we make poor dietary choices, we create the right environment for viruses and bacteria to move in. If you find yourself in this situation and are in a crowded environment, you will want to protect yourself. Taking supplements to support your immune and lymphatic systems would be prudent. The ‘LYM’ products are great for this.

Additionally, using something that is ecologically safe yet deadly for viruses and bacteria would be a good idea, especially if it could be used as a surface disinfectant, hand sanitizer, and taken internally. The ‘SILVER’ products have that covered. Both the gel and the liquid can be used internally and topically. The liquid can be used as a surface disinfectant. The gel can be used as an alcohol-free hand sanitizer and an anti-bacterial first-aid lotion.

For an all-around immune support that will help especially if you are run down, look to Solstic Immune. With important immune system vitamins (C and E), powerful immune herbs (elderberry, echinacea root), and  an energizing adaptogen (Korean Ginseng), these little single-serving packs of beverage powder are easy to carry, easy to consume, and take very little space in your luggage.

Interrupted sleep, sleep deprived, jet lag

Traveling in a group can be an adventure, especially if you have a roommate you’ve never had to share a bedroom with previously. Many people are not aware they snore. If you are not used to sleeping with a snorer, or if your accommodation is in a noisy part of town (or the forest), your sleep can get trashed leaving you bleary-eyed, unenthusiastic, and irritable.

You can help yourself to sleep more deeply with supplements that either supply the appropriate neurotransmitter (Melatonin), that stimulate serotonin production (STR-J & B6 together), or that will just help to knock you out (Eight or Stress Pack). If you suffer from anxiety that keeps you awake at night, Zerenity (Anxiousless in the USA)  would be worth a try.

I recommend experimenting with these options well before your travel date if you anticipate sleep issues enroute. Knowing what works best for you will mean fewer supplements to pack and better results on the road.

I usually recommend taking sleep aids one hour before going to bed and/or eight hours before you want to get up in the morning.

Stress issues

We’d all love every trip we take to go without a hitch. If that ever happens, you should be buying lottery tickets – you obviously have good luck!

Since most trips encounter at least one snag that will require you to stay cool and composed while you figure out where your luggage went without you or how the hotel could possibly have thought you were coming next month instead, it would be a great idea to have nerve nutrients as a part of your daily protocol.

Stress Pack is an excellent, and conveniently organized, way of taking care of this. It contains a stress-potency B complex, adrenal supporting components, and nervine herbs. If this pack makes you a little sleepy, find the single herbal capsule that is a different color from the rest (Eight) and take it at bedtime instead.

If you know you are prone to spikes in stress and anxiety, you may want to carry Liquid B12 in your pocket. A squirt of this, held under your tongue for 6 seconds, can make the world of difference in helping you to stay calm, and it will keep you from saying things you shouldn’t say when you’re upset.

Digestive issues from food, water, or stress

There are a lot of reasons for stomachs to get upset. There are many different symptoms ranging from nausea to heartburn, and there are just as many solutions. One of the best overall digestive aids is Garden Essence Enzymes (Proactzyme). Take this either before the meal to ensure good digestion or when symptoms arise. Children can use Catnip & Fennel Liquid for nausea. This is also a good answer for motion sickness.


The change in food, water, schedule, and just not knowing when the next bathroom break is going to happen can lead to constipation. Magnesium is a long-standing remedy for constipation.


Strange food, stress, even nasty little parasites can all spell diarrhoea. If you’re going somewhere where parasites are rampant, Tiao He Pak is an excellent preventive and remedy. I strongly suggest starting to take these at least two weeks prior to your departure to make sure they agree with your system. Continue taking them throughout your trip, and for a full lunar month after your trip. Parasites take time to hatch, mature, and lay eggs. It’s important to take anti-parasite herbs long enough to catch each stage of their lifecycle.

If you are going somewhere where you don’t expect to meet up with parasites, slippery elm is an excellent remedy as an intestinal and bowel normalizer.

Having said that, slippery elm is also good for sore throat and sinus issues. I like to pack remedies that have more than one purpose. It saves space in the luggage.

Water quality

So many traveling health issues can be prevented by ensuring that the water you drink and wash your foods in is clean. Having a portable water-purifying system sounds like a luxury, but is really more of a necessity. It may be a good idea for you to have a pocket-sized water purifier such as those sold at camping stores. You may even have to resort to drinking pop from large international manufacturers as it may be the cleanest beverage you can find.


Inactivity is a cause of many problems when traveling. There is an increased risk of blood clots in the legs on long air flights, overall lymphatic stagnation which reduces immune response, and fluid retention in limbs.

Compression stockings are important assets in preventing blood clots and fluid retention in the legs. Additionally, stretchy bands, which can be purchased inexpensively and take almost no room at all in luggage, are an excellent portable exercise tool.

Overall nutrition

Your nutrient intake may be compromised while you are on vacation. Using something simple like Super Trio or Solstic Nutrition can help to cover your bases for vitamins and minerals.

My final recommendation – choose one product from each category, and when possible choose one that will do double duty. Experiment with it well before you leave on your trip. Then, make sure you have enough of it to get you through your trip. Finally, just enjoy your trip! Bon Voyage!

If you have concerns about your health, or just don’t know where to begin making improvements, please contact me, Judith Cobb, to book an appointment. Skype, phone, webinar, and face-to-face appointments are available.

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  1. Great travel advice. I have a comment and a question.
    Stretchy bands? To put in your carry on luggage for working out in your seat?
    Some websites have an “email forward to a friend” link to make it easy for the reader. Have you ever considered that. Good for you and your associates like me to spread the word.

    1. HI Reta.
      Thanks for your comment and suggestion.
      I don’t know which airlines you fly on but the last time I flew there wasn’t even enough elbow room to drink from my water bottle – but then I always fly economy. If I flew any cheaper they’d be strapping me to the wings. LOL. I think the stretchy bands are a great idea. Probably more practical in first-class or if you have layovers.
      We are looking into your suggestion for a ‘forward to a friend’ button on the articles on the websites. We do always include the ‘forward to a friend’ button in the newsletters – so feel free to use that option while we investigate your suggestion.
      Thanks for reading, asking, and suggesting! It is much appreciated.

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