Tracking Chart

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Healthy lifestyle chart amount
Fluids (½ oz per pound of body weight of good, clean water. Part can be herbal tea. Avoid carbonated drinks, alcohol, and caffeine (coffee, tea, green tea, etc.) ¼ total
Exercise (30-60 min/day) cardio
Vegetables (1 fist-sized serving per 25# body weight. Include many colors of vegetables as well as leafy greens [of which 1 serving is 2-fist-size])
Protein (5-6 ½-palm-size servings, spaced at 2-3 hour intervals; half from vegetable sources, i.e. nuts [except peanuts], seeds, legumes; half from animal sources, i.e. eggs, lamb, wild meat, chicken, fish, some beef) ½-palm-size
Whole grains, preferably sprouted (1 ½-fist-sized serving per 25# body weight; less if treating inflammation)
Electives, limited (fruit, yogurt, sweet things)
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